We can all probably agree that the future is going to look somewhat different than the past.

In particular, that will assuredly be true for commuting. It’s a near certainty that many of us will not be going back to five (or even four) day/week commutes into the city.

With that in mind, the village needs to consider additional parking plans for Freightway garage. The current two options (putting aside meters) — annual and semi-annual permits — are going to prove woefully inadequate given the way things are going to change. My specific suggestion would be to consider offering monthly, and even partial-month, e.g. 10-days/month, passes (not necessarily 10 consecutive weekdays, but something akin to Metro-North’s 10-trip ticket).

A current annual permit runs $1,100/year. That’s $92/month or $4.40/weekday (assuming 250 weekdays). Slap a “convenience” premium on either the $92 or $44 (for a 10-day) and we’re done. Surely there’s technology available that would be able to monitor compliance (as license plate readers do now).

This is a fairly easily foreseeable issue that we should be planning for now, not when it will involve a scramble to hastily figure out what needs to be done. Whatever the intermediate or longer-term plans are for Freightway, this parking challenge is probably only months away.

Josh Frankel

Black Birch Lane

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