The “No Dogs” signs at the Scarsdale school grounds and village parks are old enough to have become pretty rusty ... suggesting the prohibition itself is old enough for reexamination. Of course there is a public health root to the regulation but shouldn’t every idea be subject to challenge every now and again?

We have a lot of dogs in Scarsdale and probably more have arrived in households during the COVID era. My nonscientific observation is that most folks do a good job cleaning up after their dogs ... I am not seeing a feces-fest in the streets. Parks and school grounds would be a great place to burn off canine energy and I am confident that owners will pick up after their dogs and will be shamed by others if they don’t.

How about this:

Let’s do a pilot test permitting dogs in parks and school grounds during set daily hours until March 31 when there is less use by the kids anyway.

We can revisit the issue then and see how it worked. 

Dog owners of Scarsdale unite!

Ronald M. Winters

Myrtledale Road

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