My letter in the Inquirer [“Republicans going forward with justice’s nomination is justified,” Oct. 30] re the Senate confirmation of Hon. Amy Coney Barrett made the point that the benefits that come from winning elections are not the exclusive province of the Democrats. William Greenawalt responded [“Ethics, moral values should drive government actions such as court appointments,” Nov. 6]. Joe Biden, barring unforeseen circumstances, will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, an immensely welcome result to Mr. Greenawalt, a prominent Westchester Democrat, and others who worked to have that happen and for the more than 30,000 in Scarsdale and the town of Greenburgh who voted for Mr. Biden.

The subject of Mr. Greenawalt’s letter is ethics and morals. When Donald Trump, then a candidate for the GOP nomination, “dissed” John McCain’s six-year imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton, my letter in The New York Times compared the Trump remarks to the conduct of Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the Army-McCarthy hearings that elicited Joseph Welch’s “Have you no sense of decency, sir.”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, never would have made it to the White House had the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee been someone not as ethically and morally challenged as Hillary Clinton. Neither ethical or moral, moreover, was the use of the Clinton campaign paid for Steele Report to obtain illegally FISA warrants to monitor individuals in the Trump campaign; the Democrat effort through individuals at the highest levels of government to remove Trump, once elected, from the White House through actions that are under investigation by the John Durham convened grand jury; or what we have learned about how then vice-president Joe Biden leveraged his office on behalf of his son Hunter.

I do not suggest that what can be seen as ethical and moral lapses of Donald Trump and his administration are of less import because of moral and ethical lapses, of which there are many, of the Democrats. Departures from morals and ethics, however, are not a one-way street. Those departures do not come only from Republicans.

Over these last five years, a large part of the mainstream media has abandoned objective journalism in coverage of Donald Trump. Openly and avowedly, as if it were something to be proud of. The mainstream media made no secret of its love affair with President Barack Obama. I doubt Joe Biden, as president, will receive the same celebratory coverage. It nonetheless remains an open question whether objective journalism will be the standard, as it should be, in mainstream media coverage of the Biden presidency.


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