Every member of the town board is extremely upset over the passing of a 67-year-old woman who was hit by a car on Fort Hill Road on Friday. We have scheduled a walk for Dec. 7 at 11 a.m. [starting at the corner of Fort Hill and Underhill roads].

The town board will also hire a qualified engineer as a next step to make the Fort Hill corridor safer. We will ask the engineer, once hired, to make safety recommendations and to design a sidewalk on Fort Hill Road.

I sent an email to Robert Bernstein, head of the Edgemont Community Council last night. As I have done with other civic associations — if the ECC would like to participate in preparing the RFP, interviewing potential engineers and helping us select an engineer that they have confidence in — I would be happy to listen to their recommendations.

Safety on Fort Hill Road is of importance to everyone — civic leaders, residents, students, members of the town board. The town board and I are determined to make this area safer and want to act as quickly as possible.

It is very important that the leaders of the Edgemont community have confidence in the engineering consultant we hire, and that is why they should feel welcome to participate in the safety enhancement process.

In the past we worked with the Old Edgemont Association. As a result of the cooperative effort we built a sidewalk on Seely [Place]. We enhanced a crosswalk on Edgemont Road/Fort Hill Road (we anticipate that the lighting fixture will be installed shortly). We worked with the Southern Greenville Civic Association. Built a sidewalk on Fort Hill south of Ardsley Road.

We hired a new crossing guard at Fort Hill/Ardsley Road. We included funds in the 2020 budget for additional traffic safety measures.

We have successfully worked with other neighborhood associations [in] building sidewalks. Recently, a new sidewalk was built on Fair Street in Juniper Hill. We are working with the Juniper Hill Civic Association considering additional sidewalks.

We have successfully worked with residents off of Columbia Avenue and built a sidewalk there.

A new sidewalk will shortly be built on Central Avenue from Marion to W. Hartsdale Avenue, thanks to the partnership with the Hartsdale Civic Association and the town.

And, we obtained funding for new sidewalks on Hillside and Old Tarrytown Road. Work could start in 2020. About six miles of new sidewalks have been funded or built in recent years around town, many others in addition to the above.

Making our community safer — all neighborhoods — is our highest priority.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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