I finally got a chance to watch the board of trustees meeting [Dec. 11, 2019] on cable where the Freightway options were discussed. First of all, the village needs to buy a digital TV camera and modernize; the video quality and sound is no better than it was in 1980. But back to the project at hand… Many of the residents hit upon the grand problem in these proposals that there is a tremendous risk to expensive growth in the school age population. Those voices speak loud and clear and I don’t need to repeat them here.

What I would like to focus on are two things which one of the developers slipped into the conversation. Two buildings they bought on Garth Road that they want to merge into the project… AND the future status of Hoff-Barthelson Music School. They claim they purchased the buildings to improve the road conditions on their plan. But the way it feels to me is they are negotiating by putting a gun to the village’s head. If those buildings are so important to the project, Scarsdale should take those properties through eminent domain and let all developers include that land in their plans. We should not be beholden to one company that feels it needs to leverage the village in this manner.

As for the Hoff-Barthelson situation. They suggested an intent to design a space where Hoff-Barthelson could move its school on the property. So what then happens to the current Hoff-Barthelson property on School Lane? Don’t we then end up being in a position where we lose the grand old building where Hoff-Barthelson is now for housing development? Doesn’t that building then become an unusable white elephant? Or will it just get refilled with another business that ends up not alleviating any of the traffic on School Lane at all?

It just seems to me what I heard from the developer makes me never want to work with them. They don’t feel like a partner. They presented things that seem to be as though they are working against the residents of the village’s interests.


Drake Road

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