I think an Edgemont resident ought to complain about the pro-incorporation letter from Mr. Cinamon [“Suppose unincorporated areas had a say in village affairs,” The Scarsdale Inquirer, Aug. 16], rather than leaving it up to a village resident like me. That letter, which reveals his lack of knowledge of the law and the relationship between the unincorporated area and the villages, may confuse and anger some Edgemont residents.

For starters, Mr. Cinamon states that “every year Greenburgh’s six incorporated villages choose to govern themselves.”

It has been mentioned repeatedly in your paper, including in a letter from me, that the reason the villages govern themselves is because the law — specifically the New York Village Law — requires it. It is not a matter of choice. Similarly, the villages are part of the town not because they choose to be, but because New York law requires it. The fact, which Mr. Cinamon doesn’t seem to comprehend, is that the villages are separate municipalities but under New York law are required to exist within a town. That is why village voters are also town voters in matters relating to elections.

Mr. Cinamon follows his supposition that there is a choice involved, with a disquisition about the effect on the rest of Greenburgh if the villages “dissolved and turned their local powers over to the town.” He then argues that “the very notion that village affairs are anyone’s business but the villages’ is a nonstarter” because the “unincorporated area had no say in how the villages were formed...” Really, such statements don’t merit an answer other than to say that Mr. Cinamon should study the development of New York laws during the mid-19th century and thereafter.

Edgemont incorporation is not a matter for village residents, and the implication that village residents should vote on it is misguided.


Southlawn Avenue

Dobbs Ferry

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Mr. Cinnamon appears to forget that the villages are incorporated municipalities established over a century ago. Edgemont is part of Unincorporated Greenburgh and is not incorporated. What the villages do inside their borders has only a limited effect on the Town as a whole. Edgemont's Incorporation would have a profound negative impact on the remaing portion of Unincorporated Greenburgh which is why all of Unincorporated Greenburgh should have a vote on such a move.

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