As children return to school, this is the season for adults to get involved with the civic life of our wonderful village. For more than 100 years, Scarsdale has employed a volunteer-run nonpartisan nominating system to select candidates for mayor, trustee and village justice. As chair and vice chair of this year’s Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC), we urge every village resident to participate in this system.

1. You can run for CNC. Scarsdale will be electing two new members from each elementary school neighborhood Tuesday, Nov. 12. The more who run, the more choice we have. Your neighbors will thank you even if you don’t get elected to the CNC this year. Please step up.

To run for CNC, please fill out the biographical form and obtain 10 signatures from residents of your elementary school neighborhood. Forms are available at the Procedure Committee website,, and are due on Sept. 30.

If you are elected to the CNC, you will join the committee of 30 elected residents who attend five or six meetings between late November and the end of January. We meet in the evening, and in between meetings you will assist with due diligence on the candidates. Serving on the CNC is a great way to meet other Scarsdale residents, learn about how various candidates have served the village and the wider community, and exercise collective judgment about who should be nominated to serve a two-year term as a village trustee.

2. You can run for village trustee. If you have an active interest in village affairs and a desire to dedicate more time and energy into the community, please consider seeking nomination from the CNC. Our village functions best with a diversity of choices for candidates and a strong pipeline for future years. Learn more by attending the CNC’s public organizational meeting on Nov. 25 at Scarsdale Village Hall.

The CNC will announce its slate in late January or early February. The village election is on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

The system is strongest if we have robust participation at every step, and Scarsdale residents benefit from the good governance that the nonpartisan system fosters. Please do your part. Again, run for CNC or seek a nomination for village trustee — and vote in the elections on Nov. 12 and March 17. Your active participation will keep Scarsdale a wonderful place to live.

Marc Greenwald, chair

Ryan Spicer, vice chair

Citizens Nominating Committee

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