In response to last week’s letter to the editor [“Valet parking needs to be preserved”] addressed to me as chairman of the Freightway Steering Committee, I wish to correct a possible misimpression the letter may have created and to comment briefly on the issue noted in the letter.

The Freightway Steering Committee completed its work in February 2018 with the delivery to the village board of trustees of a visioning study on the possible redevelopment of the Freightway site. Therefore, that committee is no longer in place — and my term as chairman ended when the study was delivered. A copy of the committee’s study can be found on the village website — — by searching “Freightway Site Redevelopment Study.”

The issue raised in the referenced letter was that of preservation of the parking capacity currently provided by the Freightway garage without interruption during the construction of any redevelopment of the site. On this, two points:

First, as stated at a public village board working session held May 15, the village has been clear in its messaging to the development community that any project must address the issue of parking during the period any redevelopment work is being done. How that issue will be addressed is not currently known, but addressing it is a matter the village is focused on and has so stated publicly. For example, see the video of the May 15 public working session posted on the Scarsdale Public TV website (go to 1:09:00 in the video).

Second, more broadly and as has been made clear by Mayor Marc Samwick most recently at the May 15 public working session, considerations for redevelopment of the Freightway site are at an early stage. Matters on which to focus with respect to possible future impacts, both during and after redevelopment, are being identified. However, no determination has been made of what redevelopment of the site, if any, might be done.

The village is conducting a public process with respect to its considerations of the Freightway site. Interested residents should direct their comments directly to the village board by emailing the village clerk at


Brookby Road

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