I write to give my enthusiastic endorsement to the candidacy of Mimi Rocah for district attorney of Westchester County and to urge all of my fellow Scarsdale and Westchester County residents to cast their vote for her in the upcoming Democratic primary on June 23.

I am in a unique position to make this endorsement because I know Westchester, I know what it means to be a prosecutor, and I know Mimi. I have lived and worked in Westchester (Edgemont and Yonkers) for 24 years; my wife (a Westchester native) and I raised our children here; and we have recently purchased a home in Scarsdale Village. Until my retirement from government in 2017, I was a career prosecutor (five years as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan and nearly 32 years as an assistant United States attorney for the Southern District of New York). I came to know Mimi when we worked side by side during her tenure as chief of the White Plains division of the U.S. attorney’s office, a position which put her in charge of all federal prosecutions in the six northernmost counties of the Southern District of New York.

Mimi is a supremely intelligent, no-nonsense fighter for justice and fairness for all. Despite the fact that I am 20 years her senior, I often turned to her for advice, because I valued both her keen intellect and sound judgment when it came to making charging decisions and other prosecutorial judgments. She will be a tireless advocate for all crime victims, will ensure that women and others who are victims of sex crimes are treated with the dignity and respect they are due, and will see to it that any claim of unjust conviction that is brought to her attention will be vigorously pursued until an appropriate decision is reached. In other words, she will follow Mr. Justice Sutherland’s famous dictum in Berger v. United States “that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer.”

Finally, as we have painfully learned from the horrific pandemic through which we are living, experience and expertise matter. There are two important things that a district attorney of a county the size of Westchester must be able to do: (1) capably administer an office of many junior prosecutors and (2) make the decisions in the big, tough and important cases. I know from my 37 years as a prosecutor (five as a supervisor of junior prosecutors) that you can’t begin to do either of those things well unless you have substantial experience and expertise as a prosecutor and a supervisor of prosecutors. The current incumbent has neither. Mimi has both. In spades. That experience and expertise, combined with her intellect, judgment and boundless energy will make her a superlative district attorney.

I am proud of my past professional association with Mimi. I am proud to call her my neighbor and friend. And I am so very proud to give my complete, unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement to her candidacy.


Popham Road

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