Rosie Ruiz passed away recently at 66. Rosie who?

You remember. The Rosie Ruiz who started the 1979 New York City Marathon, exited halfway through, hopped on a subway, and then reappeared at the finish. The Rosie Ruiz who pulled a similar stunt as the female winner of the 1980 Boston Marathon, leaving the marathon at some point and then reappearing to finish the race. She was disqualified.

A woman ahead of her time.

A role model for the University of Illinois students who have gone to court to obtain a guardianship in order to get financial aid they don’t deserve. Under the guardianship scheme they are considered independent and not obliged to show their parents’ financial information on the financial aid form.

A role model for the William Singer clients whose children received the benefit of altered SAT and ACT results or saw their children given bogus athletic credentials to gain admission to preferred colleges and universities.

A role model for the families who pay for an inappropriate diagnosis of a disability so their children can get extra time on exams.

Then, there’s Rosie Ruiz who is part of my vocabulary.

County Tennis, where I used to play, had Friday morning clinics — aerobic I think they called them. We lined up on one side at the back of the court, with the pro at net on the other side. Get one from the pro, hit it, then run from our side to the end of the other side, continuing around the court back to the rear of the line on our original side.

My aerobic was get a ball from the pro, hit it, then start for the other side but only until I was several steps past the pro at the net. I then crossed the court behind him and ran back to our side to get at the end of the line.

The fun would be when I had to explain “Pulling a Rosie Ruiz” to the others.


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