I am an incoming ninth-grader at Scarsdale High School. Due to the proximity of my house to the school, I have been considering biking there. Unfortunately, many paths go down some of the busiest roads in the village, and vehicles often travel well in excess of the speed limit.

Biking can be a great thing for our village. It helps keep people in shape while reducing our carbon footprint and traffic congestion. We should consider adding designated bicycle lanes to accommodate bikers on certain streets that connect essential points of interest in our village such as the train stations, village hall, schools and shopping districts. I am sure experts and concerned citizens could determine which streets could be ideal for dedicated bicycle lanes without sacrificing the interest of drivers.

The upsurge in bicycle sharing programs further indicates the time for Scarsdale to start discussing designated bicycle lanes is now. Many commuters who drive to the train stations could also benefit from safe, dedicated bicycle lanes. Bicycle lanes may even discourage unlawful speeding in residential areas. Our town will ultimately become a safer and healthier place to live.


Walworth Avenue

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