As second year Heathcote representatives on the Citizens Nominating Committee, we fully support all three of the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party (SCNPP) candidates for election as village trustee. We are proud to participate in the comprehensive nominating process that recruits and puts forward dedicated, qualified volunteers to represent and serve our community. Each year, many hours are spent recruiting and meeting potential candidates, exploring their experience and leadership qualities, completing extensive diligence, and engaging in group discussion and debate. This year, we are excited to have selected a committed and diverse slate of outstanding candidates to represent and guide us in our community affairs. 

In particular, we are pleased to write this letter in support of Sameer Ahuja for village trustee. Since we have gotten to know Sameer over the past several years, we have been impressed by his appreciation for and desire to give back to the Scarsdale community, his kind and inclusive spirit, and his intelligence and strong work ethic, all of which make him an exemplary candidate for trustee.

A Scarsdale resident for a combined 21 years, Sameer knew he wanted to raise his children in the town that had welcomed him and his family when they moved here as immigrants, and he is eager to be an inclusive, thoughtful and open-minded trustee for our increasingly diverse community. Down-to-earth and approachable, Sameer has a natural ability to engage with and listen to others, making him a well-liked friend, neighbor, coach and colleague.

He has a distinguished academic and professional entrepreneurial background and is a demonstrated analytical thinker and problem solver (one of our favorite examples of this is when, as a softball coach, he developed an algorithm for ensuring that the kids received equitable playing time and experience during games, which he gladly shared with other coaches). His positive energy is contagious and will benefit the board and community especially during times of disagreement and when difficult choices are necessary.

Motivated by a genuine desire to help the community, Sameer joined the Advisory Council on Communications last year and was tasked with redesigning the village’s website. He has worked closely with village staff, trustees and other volunteers and experts to provide updated content that is more readily accessible and navigable as well as a refreshed overall look and feel for the site that will reflect Scarsdale’s special community.

Sameer has already proven himself to be an asset to our community and we are confident that he will approach his role as village trustee with the same inclusive and generous spirt, inspired work ethic and dedication. 


Lawrence Road


Lakin Road

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