Vote for Robert Prisco and Michael Tawil for county court judge in the Democratic Party primary Tuesday, June 25. They will be on ballot position 3A for Prisco and 4A for Tawil. They have the experience we need to be county court judges. Both candidates are pro-choice and the endorsed candidates of the Scarsdale Democratic Town Committee and the Westchester County Democratic Committee.

Prisco joined the Westchester County district attorney’s office in 1986 and rose through the ranks to second deputy district attorney in 2017. He has handled all types of cases in local criminal courts where he prosecuted misdemeanor and violation offenses in Scarsdale and other local courts. He became the chief of the Major Case Bureau, Superior Court Trial Division. As the second deputy district attorney he supervised 33 district attorneys handling more than 25,000 criminal actions annually within Westchester’s 41 municipalities.

Prisco has prosecuted violent and nonviolent felony cases. This includes grand jury presentations, pre-trial hearings, oral arguments and trials in the Westchester County Court. He has tried to verdict many murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault, gang assault and weapons possessions cases.

In the community, Prisco has been a community outreach lecturer at Westchester County high schools, a moot court competition judge and a continuing legal education lecturer. He has also been a soccer, baseball and basketball coach in Somers, Mount Pleasant and Sleepy Hollow.

Judge Tawil has been the Ossining Town judge from January 2012 to the present where he has presided over both criminal and civil cases. Over the past eight years, Tawil has handled approximately 3,000 criminal cases, ranging from matters involving almost every crime on the books including DWI, assault, burglary, robbery, sex crimes, drug offenses, rape, murder, arson, domestic violence as well as a wide array of lesser crimes, misdemeanors and violations. In the town court, Tawil has unlimited jurisdiction over all misdemeanors and jurisdiction over all felonies up to a grand jury indictment or a felony hearing. Additionally he handles countless civil cases including landlord tenant matters and small claims.

When not on the bench, Tawil has been a sole practitioner with offices in Westchester County for the past 28 years, and he is a litigation attorney doing courtroom trial and civil litigation. During that time he has practiced in New York State Supreme, Appellate and Federal courts.

Tawil also is a former Ossining town councilman and former member of the Ossining Zoning Board of Appeals. He is a member of the New York State and Westchester Magistrates associations.

Remember to vote for pro-choice candidates on Ballot lines 3A for Robert Prisco and 4A for Michael Tawil for county court in the Democratic Party primary election Tuesday, June 25.


Chair, Scarsdale Democratic Town Committee

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