Mr. Klein is not one of the two best candidates for the Scarsdale School Board. He has been in Scarsdale for 36 years but we have never seen him at a public board of education meeting or a Village Board of Trustees meeting. Has he ever volunteered and served on any Scarsdale Forum Education Committee or any other forum committees? To my knowledge, the answer is no.

According to public records, his house on Post Road has a current annual school tax bill of only $8,357.57 and a total property tax bill of only $13,676.54. How can he feel the pain of the average Scarsdale taxpayer, who has tax bills of $30,000 to $40,000 per year and higher? He has one of the lowest taxed houses in Scarsdale.

Has he studied the Scarsdale school budget as we have over 25 years? Has he participated in any school budget study sessions? I think the answer is no. Does he know the size of the School District’s unassigned fund balance and that it can be used to lower tax rate increases — a very important decision for the BOE?

Klein says he represents the empty nesters, but based on his property taxes he has no skin in the game. He has lived in Scarsdale with very little contribution to the community for years.

With regard to his nomination for the school board by the secret SBNC nominating committee, we do not know how many candidates were considered. Two years ago, the SBNC failed to renominate Pam Fuehrer to a second three-year term for some unknown reason. Who says the secret SBNC is a great system? Pam ran independently, like Mayra Kirkendall-Rodriguez is doing now and won the election. Pam is now President of the School Board and doing a great job.


Chairman, Scarsdale Taxpayer Alert

Fox Meadow Road

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Is Bob Harrison implying that because Mr. Klein has a comparatively low tax bill, he doesn't deserve to serve on the school board? Is this a job only the town grandees get to hold? Guess what? This is a democracy! All of us are created equal—ring a bell? Rich people aren't supposed to get special rights when it comes to elected office. Bob Harrison seems to think Scarsdale should be ruled by a landed gentry of some sort, and all the peasants should know their place. Someone with the town's very lowest tax bill, even—heaven forfend—a renter (!), has exactly the same right to serve on the school board as someone with an $80,000 tax bill.

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