Regarding the Points of View “Holiday on Monday?” (Editorial, Oct. 11) proposing that Columbus Day be “redefined to ‘Indigenous People’s Day or Cultural Exploration Day.’” History happened! It’s over. But choosing a single aspect of a person’s life to support an overall conviction is not reporting “all the news that’s fit to print.”

Columbus Day is about the history of an explorer — his belief, his challenge and his drive. Like many inventors who worked on one thing and found an even greater discovery, he did not just “stumble on America.” He proved that if America did not get in his way, he would have reached India.

I agree that Native Americans have continued to be mistreated for 500 years but I find it difficult to blame that on Christopher Columbus. Let us do more now.

Will future history books be a single paragraph that states, “Before us there were all bad people. We have tried to erase their existence by taking them out of our school books and tearing down historical monuments.”?


Nelson Road

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