Please remember to vote in the Democratic Primary Election, either by mail, early voting which starts on June 13, or by voting on June 23.

Reelect Anthony (Tony) Scarpino Jr. for district attorney. He is pro-choice and was endorsed by Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion (WCLA) in past elections.

Tony is a true progressive. He stopped prosecuting people for minor amounts of marijuana and stopped asking for bail for minor misdemeanors and other nonviolent crimes before it was required. Crime dropped 20% since he took office four years ago. He has been strong on prosecuting serious crimes such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and crimes against children and the elderly. He supports gun control and the Red Flag Law, which takes guns out of the hands of mentally ill people until the court rules on their mental competence.

Tony has been a leader in providing treatment, not incarceration, for people struggling with substance abuse, and he led the way among DAs in doing so. His office has been fighting scams that target the elderly, combatting hate crimes against our neighbors and prosecuting domestic violence and ensuring that victims have immediate justice.

Tony helped set up a task force in Westchester and has been meeting with school districts to talk about ways to make schools safer.

He has taken gang leaders, members of gangs and hundreds of handguns off the streets. He is well respected by the police throughout the county.

The district attorney and his office have been hard at work during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the justice system working to protect our families. During this unusual time that has brought unusual challenges, DA Scarpino has taken an aggressive approach to ensuring that this crisis of health does not result in a crisis of crime.

Elect Assemblyman David Buchwald for Congress (17th district). David Buchwald is running for the seat being vacated by Nita Lowey and will represent part of Scarsdale. He has the record we can count on to fight for the Lower Hudson Valley in Congress.

David is pro-choice and has been endorsed by WCLA in past elections. Our Assemblywoman Amy Paulin endorsed David stating that he will be an effective legislator immediately and will not need on-the-job training. Amy and David worked to eliminate the unfair $10,000 federal government limit on State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction on federal income taxes.

David authored the bill that strips elected officials of their pensions if they are convicted of crimes while in office. He passed legislation that provides paid sick leave to New Yorkers afflicted with COVID-19 and their families, as well as zero-interest loans to small businesses and nonprofits. He also authored the New York State Law that allows President Donald Trump’s state tax returns to be turned over to Congress.

Reelect Congressman Eliot Engel (16th District). Eliot Engel represents part of Scarsdale and is the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Eliot has been a leader to protect a woman’s right to choose and against every Trump and Republican attempt to restrict or end those rights. He has a 100% pro-choice voting record and is endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).

The Alliance for Retired Americans gave Eliot a 100% senior voting rating for his support and introduction of bills to help seniors live better lives by protecting Medicare and Medicaid.

Vote for Anthony Scarpino, Eliot Engel and David Buchwald in the Democratic Party Primary on June 23.


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