A few weeks ago from my bedroom window my family spotted something that people rarely get to see close up. We spotted a great horned owl! Although these owls are quite common, they are mostly active during the night. But, we saw this wide-eyed and flat-faced bird in the morning. Owls also have excellent camouflage, which makes them harder to spot. This bird though was perched right on the banister of ourfront steps.

I was able to observe this bird from my own bedroom window. When he was scared, the owl’s chestnut colored feathers became fluffed up like a pillow that was pulled out of the dryer. His neck and body were frozen for a while, but then I got to see him turn his head in a full circle.

While I could have watched him all day, he heard the slam of a car door and flew away abruptly.

Great horned owls are beautiful birds and they are worth keeping an eye out for.


Scarsdale, age 10

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