The recent nationwide protest against police brutality led me to become more aware of discrimination against Asians. There is a so-called “bamboo ceiling” that exists in almost all industries that is often ignored by both mainstream society and sometimes Asians ourselves. Examples can be easily found in many industries. Lucy Liu, the famous Chinese actor, was paid only a fraction of that received by her two white female co-stars in the movie “Charlie’s Angels,” and yet this incident was hardly discussed. In the workplace, Asian Americans in white-collar professions are the least likely group in the U.S. to be promoted to management, less likely than any other race, including Blacks and Hispanics, according to Harvard Business Review.

To help me further understand Asian society in America, it was recently recommended I search for two award-winning books, “The Color of Success” and “The Asian American Achievement Paradox.” However, to my surprise, I could not find them in either the Scarsdale Public Library or the larger Westchester Library System, and I wondered why.

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