Edgemont High School’s 63rd graduating class celebrates diversity

Edgemont HS Class of 2019.

The groups of family and friends who gathered to celebrate Edgemont High School’s 63rd graduation in the evening on June 26 were just as diverse and full of personality as the cap and gown-clad students on the stage. The crowd that watched from the EHS lawn as the 150 graduates received their diplomas included young children running through the grass, grandparents kissing relatives hello amid a mix of many different languages and dialects.

Diversity, unity and progress were the themes each speaker invoked at the ceremony, specifically in the speeches given by class speakers Angie Jang and Ananya Gurumurthy.

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I am proud of the graduating class of 2019. They are great kids. The ceremony was truly highlighted by Jon Faust's speech. It encouraged this talented group of graduates to take risks and be leaders. These are words, eloquently spoken, that all of us should take to heart. The students who spoke about diversity truly spoke from their heart. I believe what they said and believe in their message. The only problem is celebrating diversity and being diverse are two very different things. Edgemont is clearly not economically diverse. In terms of ethnicity, it is true that Edgemont has a large and flourishing Asian and Indian population. However, the number of other non-white students is extremely small, and, as of this writing, there is not one African American teacher in the entire school system. So, my suggestion is to listen to the well expressed and well meaning words of Jon, Angie, and Anaya. Then, instead of just celebrating diversity, work to broaden the diversity. Congratulations to the graduates of 2019!

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