Bryan Paul

Bryan Paul

Bryan Paul grew up in a household of educators. His mother was an English teacher and department head for more than 30 years and his father was a physical education teacher, coaching every sport Paul and his brother played growing up.

“I became accustomed to seeing [my parents who were both teachers] as something that fit who I thought I was and [teaching was] something I saw them really enjoy and love,” said Paul, who has now entered his 14th year teaching. “As a teacher I’ve always strived to provide students with opportunities to explore as a way to understand and … now shifting into a new role you get a totally different lens — a much wider lens — on the whole school.”

On April 9 Paul, serving as interim assistant principal at Edgemont Junior/Senior High School, was recommended by the school board for an appointment as the probationary assistant principal.

“Stakeholders I spoke with noted they appreciate Mr. Paul’s approachability, desire to listen, follow through, and attention to detail,” wrote EHS principal Kyle Hosier in an email to parents and students. “Mr. Paul has tremendous organizational skills and the ability to improve existing processes or to create new ones to improve the functionality of the school.”

Before teaching at EHS Paul was a math teacher in Massachusetts for three years until he eventually moved to the high school to do the same for 10 years. He became the mathematics department chair in 2014 and transitioned from the classroom into his new role as interim assistant principal at the beginning of the school year.

“The difference that I see that’s most notable and enjoyable in this role is that when you’re working with students … you’re really working on authentic challenges and problems that they might have,” said Paul on what his transition from teacher to administrator was like. “It’s more of a problem-solving role than it is one in presenting the problem.”

Although he does admit he still faces challenges in his transition from teacher to administrator, his previous experience as a department chair has helped guide him through the difficulties, overall making him a more effective vice principal.

“I’m so happy in this role … I think that our admin team is really strong,” said Paul. “It makes it really enjoyable everyday to [go to EHS]. I love the fact that we have a group of people who are constantly bouncing ideas off each other — no one makes decisions on their own — and it makes for a really strong and positive work environment.”

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