The Edgemont Union Free School District announced May 9 the hiring of Kyle Hosier as the new principal for Edgemont Junior/Senior High School. The Inquirer reached out to Hosier, currently an assistant principal at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, to speak with him about his new job.

“When I heard I was selected I was thrilled,” said Hosier, 36. “Edgemont has a long reputation of providing students with a solid, well-rounded education. To be a part of a good community like Edgemont, where everyone is working together to support students, is a rare opportunity and I feel fortunate.”

According to board of education president Jennifer Darger, the board, which hired Hosier during its May 8 meeting, feels Hosier will “quickly gain the confidence and admiration of the faculty and students, and he will find success in his new role at Edgemont.”

“He is a people person, as is evident as soon as you talk to him, and his ability to quickly form relationships will serve him, our students and our faculty very well,” Darger said. “During our board interview, we were immediately impressed with Mr. Hosier’s ability to respond to our questions and his insights regarding students in this age range — their challenges and their strengths.”

Hosier impressed not only the board but also administration.

“Mr. Hosier has a calm, easy-going personality and is described as authentic and genuine by students and colleagues alike,” Superintendent Victoria Kniewel said. “In addition to a strong knowledge base in curriculum and instruction, he has experience planning and implementing large-scale projects and initiatives.”

Hosier, a Dutchess County native, has 11 years in leadership experience in high schools. He will have completed six years as assistant principal at Horace Greeley in June. Prior to his post at the Chappaqua high school he served as a dean at the Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School in Manhattan.

Hosier, acknowledging most of his experience is with high schoolers, said he is looking forward to working with seventh- and eighth-graders. He said the middle and high school existing on one campus is something that “compelled his interest.”

The Inquirer asked the University of Albany grad how he defines success for students.

“For me it’s students being able to identify what they are passionate about and to pursue that passion in high school and beyond — to set a foundation for learning that continues well beyond when they graduate,” he said.

Hosier said some of those passions will certainly be academic, but he believes those passions should also include interests outside the classroom, such as clubs, athletics and performing arts.

He also supports the school district’s philosophy of “educating the whole child.”

“I think, when you live in or go to a school district that is high performing, those are the areas you really need to think about to help and support students,” Hosier said.

Hosier, who lives in Pleasantville with his wife and 17-month-old daughter, said his high school career is the reason he wanted to be an educator.

The father of one went to a small high school, which also included grades 7 and 8.

“I really loved my high school experience and had a great relationship with my teachers,” Hosier said. “I appreciated all they did, so when I thought about being able to help kids and have the same impact, that sounded ideal to me.”

He said, at one point, he thought about going to law school but “loved working with kids so much” he wanted to stay in education.

Hosier said the first thing he plans to do when he begins work is “to meet people to listen and try to learn more about the qualities that make Edgemont such a great district.”

Hosier will officially become the Edgemont Junior/Senior High School principal July 1.

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