Eve Feuerstein

Eve Feuerstein

Eve Feuerstein, the previous Edgemont Junior/Senior High School assistant principal who became interim principal at Seely Place Elementary School in August, is now a probationary principal at the school.

“I’ve loved every job that I’ve had,” said Feuerstein, who is also a Scarsdale resident. “After being an [assistant principal] I knew that I’d love being a principal, it’s so much better than I’d ever dreamed it could be.”

Feuerstein originally started as a speech therapist at Seely Place in 2009 and also served on the Edgemont District’s Committee on Preschool Special Education and the Committee on Special Education. She was the Edgemont Junior/Senior High School assistant principal for five years before the principal position at Seely became available in summer 2018.

She also previously worked at the New York School for the Deaf in White Plains.

This will be the third time Feuerstein will be working toward her tenure. As required by New York State, Feuerstein will be a probationary administrator for four years.

“I look forward to Ms. Feuerstein’s continued leadership as an elementary principal and as an integral member of the Edgemont School District’s leadership team,” said Victoria Kniewel, superintendent of the Edgemont School District. “Ms. Feuerstein’s background positioned her well when we found ourselves with an opening in this role this summer.”

Feuerstein, who enjoys speaking to students during recess from her office window, is excited for the future of her now probationary position at Seely.

“I think that I continue to use my speech and language [skills] every day because every day you’re working with kids,” said Feuerstein. “But now I  have the opportunity to work with the entire school community, not just a select few students, and that’s why I’m so lucky.”

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