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Julia Huang

Edgemont Board of Education appointed Julia Huang as assistant principal for Seely Place Elementary School June 25. Huang will officially begin serving in the newly created role on July 1, the second addition of this kind in Edgemont after Marissa Ferrara took on the same role at Greenville on May 1.

Huang will assist principal Eve Feuerstein with budgeting, staff supervision and day-to-day procedures like dismissal. The addition of another administrative position came in the wake of growing enrollment, as the number of students at Seely Place increased from 480 in the 2005-06 school year to 539 in the 2016-17 year, according to data from the New York State Education Department.

“I will be the first assistant principal and I'm very excited to work with Eve to figure out how we’re going to share responsibilities and take care of all the different aspects of the school to make it a positive school culture,” said Huang. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone at the team … It’s going to be a really great transition and exciting new adventure in my career.”

Before taking on the inaugural role, Huang spent 14 years as a second-, fifth- and most recently third-grade teacher at Edgewood Elementary School in Scarsdale. According to her page on the school website, she taught new concepts in math, language arts, science and social studies. She described the transition as a bittersweet one, saying she’s thrilled to start her new position but will miss teaching at Edgewood.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting the staff, the students and the families,” she said of her new position at Seely. So far, she said, everything has been really positive and everyone has been very welcoming.

“Julia Huang brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the new role of assistant principal at Seely Place School,” said Edgemont Superintendent Victoria Kniewel. “We are looking forward to the Seely community getting to know her and to the positive contributions I know she will make at Seely and as a member of the districtwide leadership program.”

The board and community members in the audience welcomed Huang with a round of applause and handshakes at the school board meeting June 25.

Of the Edgemont district, Huang said, “I love that they look at the whole child here — academically, mentally, physically. They don’t just focus on one part, they really care for the whole child.”

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