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The Greenacres School is fenced off for the start of construction

Construction at the Greenacres School began swiftly following the last day of school June 26 — a project that has been in the works for more than a year, comprising about 44% of the school’s $65 million 2018 bond. The board of education voted unanimously April 29 to approve the mechanical, plumbing and electrical bids for the planned renovation and construction.

“We want to wish them all the luck in the world to make sure that this gets done in a good, efficient and safe manner,” said Greenacres neighborhood association president Andrew Sereysky.

In a notice sent June 19 to Sereysky, Assistant Superintendent for Business Stuart Mattey outlined what residents should expect now that the construction process is underway.

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A worker checks out some branches near Greenacres.

“During the first few days of setup, this area will be very busy,” wrote Mattey in the notice to residents. “We ask that you avoid the area during this time if possible. If you live nearby or must travel in near proximity, you may experience some delays.”

Because of the increase in additional vehicles near the construction area, construction workers are required to display small placards on their dashboards.

The first few weeks of construction will include interior renovations including asbestos removal. Dumpsters outside of the school building containing the removed asbestos will be labeled, sealed and locked. A total of 11 classrooms are set to be renovated by the end of the summer.

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Authorized personnel only.

Fencing has also been installed on the site, surrounding the school’s parking lot and front exterior, as well as the asphalt lot across Huntington Avenue between the basketball courts and the playground.

“Both of these areas will only be accessible to authorized individuals,” wrote Mattey.

Construction manager Park East Construction Corp. of Huntington Station, New York, has been tasked with managing all facets of the project with the assistance of a Greenacres Construction Safety Committee comprised of district personnel, parents, police officers and representatives of the village.

The Scarsdale police department has been made aware of the increased volume of vehicles in the area and will enforce traffic and parking controls, according to Mattey.

4 Greenacres school.jpg

Construction is underway.

Construction work will begin in the morning and continue into the evening, although specific times are not specified in the notice. Mattey said residents would experience noise typical of any large construction site.

“The district thanks you in advance for your patience and understanding as we embark on this exciting project,” wrote Mattey.

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