Feinberg named next principal for Fox Meadow School

Melissa Feinberg

Melissa Feinberg, the current assistant principal at Fox Meadow Elementary School, was recommended by school administration April 11 to fill the principal position as of July 1.

“Melissa has embedded herself in the life of the school, nurturing supportive relationships with students parents, and staff, and partnering with Interim Principal Karen Eldon to ensure a smooth transition after the unexpected departure of Fox Meadow’s principal and assistant principal,” said Thomas Hagerman, superintendent of schools. “It is encouraging to know that this next transition will begin immediately.”

Feinberg, who resides in Roslyn, spent more than 20 years teaching in the Great Neck Public School District. She held multiple positions over the years, starting as a classroom teacher and moving to roles as a technology instructor, enrichment specialist and staff developer. She also led several committees related to social emotional learning and curriculum development.

“I’m someone who truly believes there’s not one way to approach a particular strategy or concept and we need to provide a variety of opportunities for [students] to work to their highest potential and meet their needs,” said Feinberg. “Every child can learn and I wanted to find a place that would try to nurture that kind of philosophy.”

Deeply involved in the STEAM initiatives in Great Neck, Feinberg brought differentiated practices into teacher instruction and launched and led a robotics program at the elementary level. She hopes to build on those practices at Fox Meadow in order to meet the educational needs of every child.

“My passion for education is deeply rooted in a child-centered approach to learning,” said Feinberg. “I truly believe in the importance of understanding the whole child in order to connect with our students and support their individual needs.”

Karen Eldon, a retired Bedford Central School District principal, was brought in to serve for one year as the interim principal at Fox Meadow in July 2018. The Scarsdale district received more than 100 applications for the Fox Meadow principal position, which were narrowed down to 12 with the help of an interview committee comprised of administrators, Fox Meadow teachers and parents.

“Melissa will, of course, have a learning curve as she moves from assistant principal to principal, but the relationships she has nurtured over her year in Scarsdale will serve her well as she learns and grows,” Hagerman said.

Feinberg, who has a passion for being a lifelong learner, said she is looking forward to working with the Scarsdale community to support her students’ educational journey.

“My philosophy in education is always about how to best meet the needs of every child,” Feinberg said. “My core beliefs are strongly embedded in a foundation that supports the social, emotional and academic needs of every child in our community.”

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