The Scarsdale School District and its teachers have inked a new one-year agreement that increased the salary schedule for teachers on all steps by $750. Teachers would also receive a nonrecurring supplement of $750 for 2020-21.

In past years, the teachers’ contract was negotiated for a three- or five-year period, but the new contract duration was set at one year due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Not accounting for breakage (when a teacher retires and is replaced by a new teacher at a lower salary), salaries increased by $1.172 million or 1.84%.

“That’s not additional to the budget that was passed last week,” said school board member Scott Silberfein. “There was a placeholder in the budget for this type of expense and … we’re actually going to be a little bit under budget.”

All steps on the salary schedule for nurses also increased by $750 and two new steps were added that were 2% high than the prior step. The stipend for receiving a master’s degree was also increased from $400 to $1,500.

The salary for the district’s occupational therapist increased by $2,100.

According to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Leadership Development Drew Patrick, the Scarsdale Teachers Association agreed that the district’s insurance plan would be modified, per the consensus of the districtwide health insurance advisory subcommittee, to raise the cost share for the STA to 21% for a member and 79% for the district.

Unit members’ share of the premium for health insurance will increase by 0.5% to 9%.

“We agreed on … recognizing the need to fill about a $520,000 hole in combination of increased contributions from the users of the plan and cost savings associated with changes to the benefits of the plan,” said Patrick.

Of the $520,000, the STA is responsible for approximately $420,000.

The personal leave crisis bank was also renamed to the family leave bank and was expanded to allow for STA members to have bonding time with a newborn baby or adopted child. Members are able to accrue 15 days in the bank by assigning unused personal days at a two-to-one ratio for tenured members and four-to-one ratio for probationary members.

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