The following letter was sent to the Scarsdale schools community Friday afternoon, Dec. 18:

Dear Scarsdale Community,

We are writing today to notify you all schools will shift to Remote Learning on Monday and Tuesday, December 21 and 22

From the outset, the Scarsdale Schools Restart efforts committed to providing an educational environment that is physically and emotionally safe; to establishing and nurturing connections within the full school community; and to fostering meaningful learning opportunities for each student regardless of the structure of schooling which takes place in the future. (Scarsdale Restart Mission Statement) Over recent weeks, the number of students and staff who have been directly and indirectly impacted by Covid-19 cases has increased substantially. Earlier this week Scarsdale Middle School shifted to remote learning due to staffing challenges associated with quarantine. Over the last 24 hours, additional positive cases coupled with a typical rise in absences due to seasonal illness have stretched our ability to cover classes. These absences have and would continue to require the utilization of staff not regularly assigned to interact with a particular cohort. This increases the risk for larger quarantine groups should a positive case materialize. Furthermore, as we step back to look at the situation, it has become evident high community transmission rates have caused an increased concern for physical safety, and the prospect of quarantining over a much needed holiday break has had a significant emotional impact. Likewise, absences and quarantines have impacted our ability to maintain nurturing connections the way we all wish and has understandably disrupted the learning experience. Together, these concerns indicate a shift to remote learning is in the best interest of our students and staff at this time. We expect to return to the hybrid model on January 4, 2021. 

Each building will follow their usual procedures for remote learning.  Please contact your Dean (SHS), House Counselor (SMS), or classroom teacher (Elementary) with any questions. 

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy end to 2020,

Scarsdale Schools Cabinet

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