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LLC Notice Information

New York State requires legal notices of the formation of LLCs be published for six consecutive weeks in two newspapers that have been approved by the County Clerk. One of these publications must be a daily, the other a weekly newspaper. The Scarsdale Inquirer, a weekly paper that publishes every Friday, is a designated newspaper for publishing such notices for Westchester County.

Cost: The cost to run your notice in The Scarsdale Inquirer for six consecutive weeks is $157.50. This amount includes the issuance and mailing of the affidavit of publication.

Deadline: Legal notices must be placed by 5 p.m. Tuesday, week of publication. The deadline is moved up a day (to Monday) for weeks with a holiday that falls on a weekday other than a Monday.

Please note: New York State requires that the name of your LLC (PLLC) be published in your notice of formation exactly as it was submitted to them on the paperwork for the LLC. If the name of your LLC is in upper/lower case (not all capital letters), be sure you’ve typed it in that way. Commas count. If you filed your paperwork with a comma in the name of your LLC, be sure that’s how you include it in the text of your notice that we will be publishing. Samples of LLC notices.

Having your legal notice published in The Scarsdale Inquirer will fulfill your weekly newspaper publication requirement. See the list of daily newspapers designated by the Westchester County Clerk.

To place your notice, go to the legal notices form and upload your text exactly as you want it published in The Scarsdale Inquirer. The affidavit of publication will be mailed to you after the sixth insertion of the notice has been published.