Irvington wins in a tight rematch faust

Hailey Faust

After starting the season 8-2, the Edgemont girls lacrosse team had extremely high expectations.

Finishing the regular season 9-6 after losing a pair of games by a total of three goals and falling 14-12 to Irvington in the opening round of the Section 1 Class D tournament were certainly disappointing for the Panthers.

With a new coaching staff, a winning season overall and a No. 8 seed to earn a home playoff game, the Panthers had a lot to be proud of after they worked hard each day to prove themselves.

Irvington wins in a tight rematch scoreboard

After a narrow 11-10 loss to Irvington in the second to last game of the regular season, the Panthers were pleased to be seeing them again as the No. 9 in sectionals, looking for revenge at home on May 14.

Edgemont started off strong right from the opening draw, putting three quick goals in the net. Irvington answered back and soon the game was tied. For the rest of the game, the score was close, with the teams never being separated by more than three goals.

Going into halftime, the Panthers led 8-5 and knew Irvington was going to start the second half motivated and eager to cut down Edgemont’s lead. As they have stressed all season, but particularly for this game, they wanted to get possession right from the draw. Midfielders Ava Pizzurro, Becca Klion and Emma Hoesterey answered the call, dominating the first half draw controls and winning a combined 15 throughout the game.

Even that couldn’t stop Irvington, however. Over a span of about seven minutes, Irvington netted seven goals to go up by two.

With a 10-10 tie and under one minute to play, senior captain Hoesterey was not ready for her season to end. She won the draw control and scored to give her team the lead.

Senior attacker Sophie Scherr also responded and scored her fourth goal of the game shortly after, giving the Panthers a 12-10 lead.

From there the Panthers couldn’t slow Irvington, which scored the final four goals of the game, leaving the home team heartbroken.

Senior captain and goalie Jamie Musoff, who has been incredibly impactful for the Panthers throughout her entire Edgemont lacrosse career, finished the season with more than 110 saves.

“I am really proud of the team this year,” Musoff said. “Everyone came to practice each day ready to work and improve and I think it really showed in our play. Last year was kind of a defeating year for us, and I think how far we were able to come as a team from that and use it as motivation is really telling about our players.

“The season obviously didn’t end how we hoped, but it was definitely clear everyone on the field was working their hardest, and I think we have a lot to be proud of with how we played.”

Throughout the season, Musoff made crucial save after save for the Panthers and came to practice every day with intensity and drive to push her teammates and herself to improve.

“I am really going to miss everyone next year, but I have so much confidence in all of the younger players and I know everyone will step up and the team will continue to see success,” Musoff said.

While Musoff was crucial to the defense for the Panthers, in the midfield, Hoesterey made a huge impact for the team. Hoesterey finished the season with more than 25 goals and more than 40 draw controls, along with many ground balls and caused turnovers. These stats show how valuable Hoesterey is all over the field, both defensively and offensively.

Voted as one of the three Panther captains at the beginning of the season, Hoesterey has also been an incredibly impactful leader for the team, serving as a role model for the younger players, as well as being extremely reliable and encouraging on the field and during games or on the sidelines during halftimes or time outs.

“Coming into this season, with a pretty new coaching staff and a really motivated team, I know we all wanted to prove ourselves after last season not going as we all hoped and I think we really did,” Hoesterey said. “Even though the season didn’t end as we wanted, we worked hard and we showed teams that we weren’t the same as last year. In every game, it was clear we were all fighting until the very end, everyone giving it everything they had, and it was really fun to grow as a team. I couldn’t have asked for a better last year and I know the team will pick up from where we left off next year.”

Hoesterey was a crucial player for the Panthers against Irvington in the sectionals matchup, tallying two goals, four draw controls, four ground balls and four caused turnovers.

Finally, like her classmates, senior attacker Scherr has made a lasting impact for the team in her senior season. Finishing the season as the Panthers leading goal scorer with 47 goals — scoring as many as seven goals in one game — Scherr was constantly seen as a threat to other teams and someone the Panthers could rely on to put the ball in the back of the net.

A model of consistency, Scherr would often receive feeds in front of the goal from either senior attacker Hailey Faust or junior attacker Peyton Welker, who finished the season with more than 30 assists and 25 goals.

The high number of assists shows how much the Panthers play as a team and trust each other to get the job done. This also sets them apart from past seasons, where the Panthers relied on one or two people, which did not prove successful.

By playing as a team and trusting one another, the Panthers were able to construct a successful and winning season with a lot of improvement across the board.

“This year, especially, it was really evident on the offense and defense that we trusted each other and played as a team,” Scherr said. “On defense, especially toward the end of the season, everyone was sliding when they were supposed to and communicating well and on offense we started assisting more instead of just relying on an iso play and a one-v.-one to goal. When we played as a team, it made the game more exciting for all of us because more people were involved and made an impact. This is definitely something we have to be proud of.”

Scherr was incredibly impactful for the Panthers offensively this season, putting up a huge fight against Irvington in the sectionals game with four of the team’s 12 goals. Though her absence will be greatly missed next year, she, along with the rest of the seniors, is confident that everyone will step up and see continued success with their hard work.

“Everyone improved so much throughout the season, did their job on the field and did everything they could for us to win,” Scherr said. “Playing as a team was something we knew we needed to do in order to be successful and trusting each other was a goal we set for ourselves since Day One. Each day everyone came ready to work, and I am fully confident in the team next season.”

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