EHS track box 5/7 issue

After not having a spring 2020 season and only one outdoor meet over the winter in January, the Edgemont track and field team got back to work with a home meet against Ardsley on May 4.

“Competing against Ardsley at home during the first meet of the spring season felt amazing,” senior Kayla Ferraro said. “It was great being outside with my teammates, being able to cheer them on while they ran their events and for the team to actually be able to compete.”

Ferraro likes the family feel that comes through at meets and that was especially felt as she and her fellow seniors, Nora Butler, Charlotte Dow, Dhatri Sangasani, Devin Frank, Oliver Goh, Christopher Hunt, Edward Lima-Heese, Daniel Liu, Atticus Margulis-Ohnuma, Dimitar Peev and Gavin Stern were honored at the meet.

Not only was there only one competition in the winter, but the workouts were cut short due to a month of snow.

“Even though it was tough making the transition from a winter season cut short into an intense spring season with two meets already this week, it’s good to be back,” Peev said. “Everyone is excited this year to get new personal records and enjoy the spring. It definitely is sad that we don’t get to hit the ground running right after winter like a normal year, but I’m sure the team will still do well.”

For Peev, this season, though shortened, will be all about making up for lost times, which means making sure it is as complete as possible.

“One thing that I hope to see is every event to take place,” he said. “I want to see shot put, javelin toss, steeplechase and everything in between. I also want to see everyone try their hardest, even though it’s tough when we have to wear masks during practices and meets. I’m sure that it won’t stop us though.”

Ferraro credits head coaches Nikki Rosee and Camisha McKenzie for getting a jump on the preseason in early April and giving the team time to get back in shape.

“I do have to say that I think it was hard on many of us athletes to have such a big break during seasons,” Ferraro said. “There was about a month of no practice or preseason and a lot of the athletes began getting out of shape, but then getting back into shape during preseason. There also were a lot of athletes who attended practice when the season officially started, and did not come to preseason. When the spring season started, it was clear to see who attended preseason and who did not.”

Now that things are closer to being back to normal, the track team hopes for no more interruptions as they look to train and compete hard for the next month.

“The warm and nicer weather outside keeps everyone’s hopes up for a great spring season,” Ferraro said.

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