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Atlantic League All-Stars: Coaches: Don Vibbert, Josh Lamberg, Jeff Mead, Michael Novoseller. Seated: Gabriel Novoseller, Joshua Kosson, Spencer Wepman, Joey Charnow, Mikey Vibbert. Standing: Cyrus Saeed, Tyler Hogan, Dylan Pai, Zach Pai, Henry Lamberg, Arya Bhat, Max Gasthalter, Benji Subin, Andrew Katzenberg, Raymond Tong, Daniel Hoey, George Krembs, Logan Mancusi, Quinten Chui, Dylan Yang, Ryan Feldman. Not Pictured: Ollie Haftel, Zane Kohn, Skyler Tepper, Harry Wolf, Matthew Zoland.

On Saturday, June 15, the Scarsdale baseball community gathered at the Crossway fields to celebrate Super Saturday, a fun-filled day of activities centered around Scarsdale Little League. The day featured championship games in three divisions: The Raptors won the Atlantic Division (mostly fifth- and sixth-graders), the Blue Rocks won the Pacific Division (mostly fourth-graders) and the Lake Monsters won the third-grade division.

Zane Kohn won the Scoop Shop Home Run Derby before joining select Atlantic Division players in an All-Star Game. The day concluded with the SLL board winning a close softball game against the SLL coaches.

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Atlantic Division champion Raptors: Coaches: Kevin Hoey, Brian Mancusi. Kneeling: Alex Horner, Arav Kapur. Back row: Alejandro Azpiazu Cabassa, Max Fenton, Arya Bhat, Leo Roth, Logan Mancusi, Daniel Hoey, Ben Weiner, Vedaant Kapur. Not pictured: Noah Kent.

Throughout the day, players were honored for three different annual awards. The Kindergarten Sportsmanship Award winners were Benjamin Maibrunn, Lisa Frankel, Siru Huang, Gavin Roth, Zachary Gabin, Blake Dubbs, Hudson Beller, Ethan Rubino and Nico Polak. The Michael Ludwig Sportsmanship Award winner, given to a fourth-grader, was Ozan Kopelman. Other nominees were Jai Chandarana, Bennett Klurfeld, Eduardo Lima and Leo Stiel. The Paul U. Jimenez Inspirational Award winner for Atlantic players was Matthew Bochner. Other nominees were Cary Haftel, Alex Horner, Oliver Kaiden and Dylan Pai.

pacific division champion blue rocks UPDATED.JPG

Pacific Division champion Blue Rocks: Coaches: Dan Stiel, Chris Kowalski. Seated: Alex Gewanter, Leo Stiel, Lucas Kowalski. Standing: Brady Gorman, Jonathan Shukovsky, Teddy Bryson, Charlie Tessler, Nathaniel Duell, Ryan Roche, Bernie Ofori, Tyler Korsten.

Super Saturday also featured a video game truck, petting zoo, bouncy castle, batting cages, Atlantic and Pacific Division third-place games and a variety of food options. Sixth-grader Annalise Corey kicked off the festivities singing the National Anthem before the Atlantic and Pacific championship games.

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