Conference swim GST Christian Lee 2.jpg

Christian Lee of GST on his way to victory in backstroke at the conference championships.

Inga DeNunzio worried the Scarsdale Town Pool team would have a short stay in its return to Division 1 of the Westchester County Swim Conference this summer. Jackie Cordero thought this might be the year that sent the Greenburgh Swim Team down to Division 2.

Then, after losing its first two meets, Scarsdale won its next three for a winning 3-2 record on the season. After winning one of its first four meets, Greenburgh needed to beat Rye Golf Club on the final day of the season to stay in the top division. Despite going down 31-0 after diving, Greenburgh topped RGC by 20 points for a 2-3 record.

Next came the Westchester County Championships last week. Greenburgh took fourth place, only three points behind surprise contender Willowbrook, while Scarsdale was fifth of 36 scoring teams.

For the two longtime coaches, all that worrying for nothing.

“I think we had so much confidence from that,” Cordero said of the win against RGC. “It gave us a nice boost. We went in feeling really good that we have strength and power like we always said we had. Just having those right people in the right spots made a huge difference. Had I had those top six swimmers all summer, oh boy!”

Cordero said she and her team left the RGC meet “speechless,” but it was the first time she had as close to a complete swimming team all season due to vacations and kids being away for other meets. Had she not competed a week after many other teams finished the season, she’d likely not have had her top kids back to bail GST out.

“I go low, low, low and then I come up high, high, high,” Cordero said of her typical summer from regular season to postseason. “I don’t know how it happened. We just figured it all out and it comes down to points. You don’t need quantity to win a meet — you need quality.”

Two swimmers in particular gave GST a major boost at counties, the Edgemont sister-brother duo of Lauren and Christian Lee. Lauren was the 13-14 girls high points winner with 32, while Christian netted 34 points to win 13-14 boys.

“Nothing that I didn't expect,” Cordero said. “I knew that they had the power and strength to place first in every one of their events. Christian just missed first in fly, otherwise he’d have been first in all four events straight across. Lauren, her 200 IM she’s not really a breaststroker, but I figured she’s 13 and it’s a 13-u event, so I’d put her where she belongs and she got second in that.”

Christian took first in the 12-u boys 50 backstroke in a new meet record 49.75, topping the 2015 mark of 50.16 set by Lake Isle’s Nick Torres. He also won the 14-u boys 100 breaststroke in 1:05.37. Lauren won the 14-u girls backstroke in 1:03.07, while Christian won for the boys in 57.29. Lauren also took first in the 14-u girls 100 butterfly in 1:02.51. Christian was runner-up for the boys in 55.05.

“They both got high points for their age groups,” Cordero said. “They’re definitely our strength, our top strength. I can always rely on them accumulating points. There was that one year where they weren’t and we felt it. They usually have Zones at this time, but Mom is really good and knows what they mean to us. She’s such a team player and those kids will be there for us if they can.”

GST’s 13-u girls 200 medley relay team of Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon, Manon Jadot, Lauren Lee and Ursula Ott won in 2:05.75. Kate Hoesterey, Sophia Shopovick, Natalie Peng and Elke Ott won the 17-u girls 200 freestyle relay in 1:46.99.

“That 17-u girls relay was so psyched and they knew they had a chance at placing No. 1 in the county, so they went in with that mindset,” Cordero said. “Prelims we held it together and we took it when it counted. One girl didn’t really perform as well in prelims. It’s her first year with us and I adjusted the order for finals and it made a difference. We won the 17 girls and 13 girls. My girls are coming up.”

On the boys’ side, GST was limited with relays, so Cordero had her swimmers go up an age group just to get the experience.

“A lot of the kids in my top 13 relays all summer were on vacation,” Cordero said. “I had to put a skeleton crew with 10-year-olds to fill those holes and 8-year-olds to fill the 10-u holes. I figured let me enter them and I told them it’s all about getting the experience for next year. They’ll know what to expect.”

The Scarsdale side

DeNunzio called what her team achieved this summer, particularly at counties, “insane.”

“We sat there every single night and I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I think I was more blown away by the girls’ side than anything. We haven’t been up there on the girls’ side in so long. I can tell you I take boys trophies home every single year. This is the first year I did not and this is the first year in like eight years that I took home a girls trophy. With that fact alone I would never have seen that coming. Ever. I was cleaning up when they were reading awards. They were like, ‘Inga, they’re calling you.’”

Of Scarsdale’s 116 points, the girls scored 79, including 34 from the relays.

Scarsdale didn’t have many event winners like Greenburgh did, relying on depth instead. “I had three finalists in one event, the 10-u 50 fly,” DeNunzio said of Lori Jiang, Anna Hill and Sophie Reis. “Then it was winning the 10-u 200 free relay and getting second in the 10-u 200 medley relay. It was 11 girls that scored and won that trophy. One diver and 10 swimmers.”

Lori Jiang was Scarsdale’s standout on the girls’ side. She was third overall for 10-u girls with 20 points. “Lori every night was just amazing,” DeNunzio said.

“Every one of those swimmers and the diver are year-round, but you get to do it for your summer club and it’s just fun,” DeNunzio said. “You see them talking with all the other club swimmers, but when it comes down to it it’s your summer team. It’s your summer home.”

Lynn Tamura, Reis, Hill and Jiang won the 10-u girls 200 freestyle relay in 2:12.06. The 10-u girls 200 medley relay team of Hill, Reis, Jiang and Kaoruko Daito were the runners-up in 2:36.44.

Kevin Jiang, Alexei Sinyavin, Matthew Hill and Harrison Lambert took second in the 13-u boys 200 medley relay in 2:01.90. Hill, Jiang, Harrison and Mason Friedman touched second in the 13-u boys 200 freestyle relay finals in 1:53.01.

All the while DeNunzio was looking over at some of the other teams, particularly runner-up Wykagyl, and seeing familiar faces of Scarsdale swimmers who for the summer are opponents.

The Lee boys, Kieran, Aiden and Brendan, and Justin DiSanto combined for 88.50 points for Wykagyl. DiSanto was the 15-17 boys high point winner with a whopping 32.

DiSanto won the 17-u boys 200 individual medley in 2:02.22 and the 17-u boys 100 breaststroke in 1:03.48.

The Wykagyl boys team of Jason Amato, Brendan Lee, Ian Steffensen and DiSanto won the 17-u 200 freestyle relay in 1:36.66.

Aidan Lee took first in the 13-u boys 200 individual medley in 2:13.26.

Aidan Lee, DiSanto, Amato and Brendan Lee won the 17-u boys medley relay in 1:48.91.

“I’m like that one is mine and that one is mine and that one is going to be mine,” said DeNunzio, who is the head coach of the boys team at her alma mater, Scarsdale High School. (In the fall she coaches the Ardsley girls with Cordero.)

“As a high school coach, I see what the future of Scarsdale has,” DeNunzio said. “It is a town team. We can’t go outside of our town. Just the depth in this village alone is amazing. I’m glad swimming is prominent and has stayed so prominent throughout my lifetime and now my coaching career. It makes me excited about the future.”

94th Westchester County Championships

Diving, July 22 at Lake Isle

Swimming, July 29-Aug. 1 at Playland

Team Standings

Overall of 36 scoring teams: 1) Lake Isle 281; 2) Wykagyl 227.50; 3) Willowbrook 157; 4) Greenburgh Swim Team 154; 5) Scarsdale Town Pool 116. Girls: 1) Lake Isle 188; 2) Greenburgh 104; 3) Scarsdale Town Pool 79. Boys: 1) Wykagyl 213.50; 6) Greenburgh 50; 11) Scarsdale Town Pool 37.

Relay Points

Overall: t1) Wykagyl 96; 3) Scarsdale 62; t5) Greenburgh 58. Girls: 2) Greenburgh 58; 4) Scarsdale 34. Boys: 1) Wykagyl 92; 6) Scarsdale Town Pool 28.

High Points

10-u girls: 3) Lori Jiang (STP) 20. 13-14 girls: 1) Lauren Lee (GST) 32. 11-12 Boys: 4) Kieran Lee (Wykagyl) 17.50; 6) Aiden Moy (GST) 11. 13-14 boys: 1) Christian Lee (GST) 34; 2) Aidan Lee (Wykagyl) 28; 15-17 boys: 1) Justin DiSanto (Wykagyl) 32; t6) Brendan Lee (Wykagyl) 11.


10-13 girls: 8) Tessa Leroy (STP) 118.70.

14-17 girls: 4) Meera Kasturi (GST) 172.60.

Swimming Day 1

13-u girls 200 medley relay: Finals: 1) GST (Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon, Manon Jadot, Lauren Lee, Ursula Ott) 2:05.75; 8) STP (Serena Wu, Caroline Largen, Devin Topkara, Sofia Schwend) 2:21.88. Boys: Finals: 2) STP (Kevin Jiang, Alexei Sinyavin, Matthew Hill, Harrison Lambert) 2:01.90; 3) Wykagyl (Aidan Lee, Kieran Lee, James Harshman, Patrick Carroll) 2:08.85. Prelims: 10) GST (Russell Cheng, Aiden Moy, Olivier Jadot, Colin Yung) 2:27.73.

17-u girls 200 individual medley: 24) Caroline Lennon (GST) 2:38.24; 31) Jessica James (GST) 2:46.70. Boys: 1) Justin DiSanto (Wykagyl) 2:02.22; 4) Brendan Lee (Wykagyl) 2:13.48.

10-u girls 50 breaststroke: Finals: 4) Lori Jiang (STP) 41.56. Prelims: 25) Sara Moy (GST) 48.24; 30) Sophie Reis (STP) 49.43; 42) Kaoruko Daito (STP) 52.00. Boys: Prelims: 17) Olivier Jadot (GST) 47.50; 24) Matthew Mialkowski (STP) 49.05; 37) Tyler Largen (STP) 56.82.

12-u girls 50 backstroke: Prelims: 9) Serena Wu (STP) 31.91; 24) Manon Jadot (GST) 34.66; 31) Tamsin Coulthard (GST) 36.11; 41) Caroline Largen (STP) 37.42; 48) Leonora Hutaj (GST) 38.28; 58) Devin Topkara (STP) 40.05; 68) Sofia Schwend (STP) 41.39. Boys: Finals: 4) Kieran Lee (Wykagyl) 31.57. Prelims: 12) Matthew Hill (STP) 34.82; 46) Colin Yung (GST) 43.26; 51) Nathaniel Hwang (GST) 45.00.

14-u girls 100 freestyle: Finals: 2) Lauren Lee (GST) 56.23. Prelims: 51) Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon (GST) 1:13.57. Boys: 1) Christian Lee (GST) 49.75 (new meet record tops 2015 mark of 50.16 set by Lake Isle’s Nick Torres). Prelims: 10) Kevin Jiang (STP) 57.13; 14) Jason Moy (GST) 58.30; 17) Harrison Lambert (STP) 59.05; 25) Patrick Carroll (Wykagyl) 1:02.66; 29) Alexei Sinyavin (STP) 1:03.29; 41) Ari Lemisch (STP) 1:07.79; 45) Russell Cheng (GST) 1:10.56.

17-u girls 100 butterfly: Prelims: 10) Sophia Shopovick (GST) 1:09.22. Boys: Prelims: 17) Drew Hill (STP) 1:03.75.

Swimming Day 2

10-u girls 200 medley relay: 2) STP (Anna Hill, Sophie Reis, Lori Jiang, Kaoruko Daito) 2:36.44; 14) GST (Laura Cronin, Connie Coulthard, Sara Moy, Kiersten Wilantowicz) 3:31.63. Boys: 9) STP (Tyler Largen, Aru Maibrunn, Matthew Mialkowski, Michael Mialkowski) 3:09.52; 12) GST (Leonard Hutaj, Gabriel Hwang, Olivier Jadot, Michael James) 3:20.31.

17-u girls 200 freestyle relay: Finals: 1) GST (Kate Hoesterey, Sophia Shopovick, Natalie Peng, Elke Ott) 1:46.99; 7) Wykagyl (Ella Harshman, Isabelle Balachandran, Sophie Carroll, Megan Lee) 1:51.43. Prelims: 20) STP (Kelsy Hogan, Danielle Lemisch, Helena Leroy, Caitlyn Needham) 2:16.90. Boys: Finals: 1) Wykagyl (Jason Amato, Brendan Lee, Ian Steffensen, Justin DiSanto) 1:36.66. Prelims: 12) STP (Thomas Peckett, Drew Hill, Eddie Eforo, Rowan Haffner) 1:56.11.

13-u boys 200 individual medley: 1) Aidan Lee (Wykagyl) 2:13.26; 4) Aiden Moy (GST) 2:27.68; 12) Russell Cheng (GST) 3:00.26.

10-u girls 50 freestyle: Finals: 3) Lori Jiang (STP) 29.26; 7) Anna Hill (STP) 31.56. Prelims: 9) Sophie Reis (STP) 31.90; 35) Sara Moy (GST) 36.65; 36) Lynn Tamura (STP) 36.70; 72) Kiersten Wilantowicz (GST) 40.60. Boys: Prelims: 14) Olivier Jadot (GST) 33.09; 37) Leonard Hutaj (GST) 37.11; 41) Tyler Largen (STP) 37.55; 62) Ari Maibrunn (STP) 42.48; 70) Matthew Mialkowski (STP) 43.80; 78) Michael Mialkowski (STP) 45.91.

12-u girls 50 butterfly: Finals: 2) Manon Jadot (GST) 28.29; 5) Serena Wu (STP) 29.13. Prelims: 19) Caroline Largen (STP) 31.40; 34) Tamsin Coulthard (GST) 34.22; 45) Devin Topkara (STP) 36.67. Boys: Finals: 3) Aiden Moy (GST) 28.37; 6) Kieran Lee (Wykagyl) 31.30. Prelims: 34) Colin Yung (GST) 39.59.

17-u girls 100 breaststroke: Prelims: 20) Caroline Lennon (GST) 1:22.08; 30) Sophie Carroll (Wykagyl) 1:25.50; 40) Danielle Lemisch (STP) 1:35.16; 47) Caitlyn Needham (STP) 1:56.41. Boys: Finals: 1) Justin DiSanto (Wykagyl) 1:03.48; 3) Brenan Lee (Wykagyl) 1:06.83. Prelims: 22) Drew Hill (STP) 1:18.50; 29) Thomas Peckett (STP) 1:21.72; 36) Rowan Haffner (STP) 1:31.12.

14-u girls 100 backstroke: Finals: 1) Lauren Lee (GST) 1:03.07. Prelims: 33) Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon (GST) 1:22.74. Boys: 1) Christian Lee (GST) 57.59; 2) Aidan Lee (Wykagyl) 59.38; 5) Kevin Jiang (STP) 1:02.42; 6) Jason Moy (GST) 1:04.86. Prelims: 15) Harrison Lambert (STP) 1:11.76; 22) Patrick Carroll (Wykagyl) 1:15.63; 32) Russell Cheng (GST) 1:22.66; 36) Ari Lemisch (STP) 1:25.31; 41) Mason Friedman (STP) 1:32.39.

Swimming Day 3

10-u girls 200 freestyle relay: 1) STP (Lynn Tamura, Sophie Reis, Anna Hill, Lori Jiang) 2:12.06; 13) GST (Sara Moy, Laura Cronin, Connie Coulthard, Kiersten Wilantowicz) 2:54.27. Boys: 10) GST (Olivier Jadot, Michael James, Gabriel Hwang, Leonard Hutaj) 2:59.69.

17-u girls 200 medley relay: Finals: 3) GST (Kate Hoesterey, Natalie Peng, Elke Ott, Sophia Shopovick) 2:04.14. Prelims: 15) STP (Helena Leroy, Caitlyn Needham, Danielle Eforo, Danielle Lemisch) 2:19.22. Boys: Finals: 1) Wykagyl (Aidan Lee, Justin DiSanto, Jason Amato, Brendan Lee) 1:48.91. Prelims: 11) STP (Thomas Peckett, Ari Lemisch, Drew Hill, Rowan Haffner) 2:11.95; 13) GST (Christian Lee, Jason Moy, Colin Yung, Olivier Jadot) 2:19.42.

13-u girls 200 individual medley: 2) Lauren Lee (GST) 2:22.78.

10-u girls 50 backstroke: Finals: 6) Lori Jiang (STP) 35.47; 7) Anna Hill (STP) 36.53. Prelims: 16) Sophie Reis (STP) 41.04; 23) Sara Moy (GST) 43.17; 30) Lynn Tamura (STP) 44.06; 73) Kiersten Wilantowicz (GST) 53.45. Boys: Prelims: 28) Leonard Hutaj (GST) 44.14; 34) Olivier Jadot (GST) 47.10; 35) Tyler Largen (STP) 47.62.

12-u girls 50 breaststroke: Finals: 4) Caroline Largen (STP) 34.38; 7) Manon Jadot (GST) 36.43. Prelims: t12) Serena Wu (STP) 37.35; 32) Tamsin Coulthard (GST) 41.09; 58) Devin Topkara (STP) 49.21. Boys: 3) Kieran Lee (Wykagyl) 33.76. Prelims: 9) Matthew Hill (STP) 39.51.

17-u girls 100 freestyle: Finals: 3) Danielle Eforo (STP) 57.81. Prelims: 14) Sophia Shopovick (GST) 1:00.07; t16) Caroline Lennon (GST) 1:00.59; 27) Helena Leroy (STP) 1:03.29; 36) Jessica James (GST) 1:06.28. Boys: Finals: 2) Justin DiSanto (Wykagyl) 50.40. Prelims: 17) Brendan Lee (Wykagyl) 55.32; 27) Drew Hill (STP) 58.81.

14-u girls 100 butterfly: Finals: 1) Lauren Lee (GST) 1:02.51. Prelims: 20) Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon (GST) 1:25.51. Boys: Finals: 2) Christian Lee (GST) 55.05; 4) Aidan Lee (Wykagyl) 59.78; 8) Kevin Jiang (STP) 1:02.67. Prelims: 9) Jason Moy (GST) 1:04.74; 11) Harrison Lambert (STP) 1:06.76.

Swimming Day 4

13-u girls 200 freestyle relay: Finals: 4) GST (Lauren Lee, Elizabeth Chatfield-Nixon, Tamsin Coulthard, Manon Jadot) 1:57.54. Prelims: 15) STP (Caroline Largen, Devin Topkara, Serena Wu, Sofia Schwend) 2:08.44. Boys: Finals: 2) STP (Matthew Hill, Kevin Jiang, Harrison Lambert, Mason Friedman) 1:53.01; 3) Wykagyl (Patrick Carroll, Kieran Lee, Ellis Ryan, Aidan Lee) 1:54.52.

10-u girls 50 butterfly: Finals: 3) Lori Jiang (STP) 30.93; 5) Anna Hill (STP) 34.91; 8) Sophie Reis (STP) 37.59. Prelims: 23) Kaoruko Daito (STP) 43.54; 35) Sara Moy (GST) 46.53. Boys: Prelims: 24) Tyler Largen (STP) 43.67; 26) Ari Maibrunn (STP) 45.37; 36) Matthew Mialkowski (STP) 55.09.

12-u girls 50 freestyle: Prelims: 13) Manon Jadot (GST) 28.28; 17) Caroline Largen (STP) 28.74; 25) Serena Wu (STP) 29.65; 34) Leonora Hutaj (GST) 30.71; 42) Tamsin Coulthard (GST) 31.87; 71) Devin Topkara (STP) 34.00; 76) Sofia Schwend (STP) 35.23. Boys: Finals: t5) Kieran Lee (Wykagyl) 28.11. Prelims: 13) Matthew Hill (STP) 29.50; 39) Colin Yung (GST) 33.07.

14-u girls 100 breaststroke: Prelims: 17) Sela Campbell (GST) 1:25.68. Boys: Finals: 1) Christian Lee (GST) 1:05.37; 2) Aidan Lee (Wykagyl) 1:07.84; 5) Kevin Jiang (STP) 1:11.39; 7) Jason Moy (GST) 1:15.99. Prelims: 16) Harrison Lambert (STP) 1:22.99; 18) Ari Lemisch (STP) 1:23.70; 19) Mason Friedman (STP) 1:24.50; 30) Patrick Carroll (Wykagyl) 1:30.12.

17-u girls 100 backstroke: Prelims: 14) Helena Leroy (STP) 1:09.81; 15) Sophia Shopovick (GST) 1:10.08; 23) Caroline Lennon (GST) 1:15.91; 24) Jessica James (GST) 1:16.53; 38) Sophie Carroll (Wykagyl) 1:23.37. Boys: Finals: 2) Justin DiSanto (Wykagyl) 58.47. Prelims: 16) Brendan Lee (Wykagyl) 1:05.24; 29) Rowan Haffner (STP) 1:14.01.

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