Two days after beating Mamaroneck, the Scarsdale football team found out about a positive COVID-19 case on the team on Monday, April 12. The Raiders are quarantined for 10 days and will be released Wednesday, April 21, giving them three days of practice before playing their final game of the season against Yonkers Force.

“At this point right now the season is over the 24th, you can’t play more games, there’s no playoffs, so everybody is scrambling to just play for the kids,” coach Andy Verboys said. “Regardless of what happens, you just want to play. Nobody is concerned about records because there’s no playoffs.”

As a result of the quarantine, the team misses out on making a run at beating New Rochelle this weekend. New Rochelle will play Suffern instead.

“I really felt like we were really going to give them a run for their money,” Verboys said. “All day Sunday I was so excited. I had a great game plan and then we found out Monday we had a COVID case and we had to shut down for 10 days.”

Just like they did prior to the season, the team is getting together over Zoom to keep in touch, keep motivated and prepare for the season finale.

Following back-to-back wins over White Plains and Mamaroneck, the Raiders are 3-1. After just hanging on 21-14 vs. White Plains, the Raiders toppled Mamaroneck 34-0.

“It’s been a while since we played a complete game like that with the offense going, especially against a team of that caliber,” Verboys said. “That’s not a walk in the park. That’s a very senior-based team. We beat them last year and this was their revenge year and we usually go back and forth like that.”

That’s why not playing New Ro is so disappointing.

“Everybody was bummed,” Verboys said. “We were flying, going in with confidence, healthy… It’s frustrating, but I get the times that we’re in. They gave us the opportunity for these kids to play, which is huge and we’ve made the most of it, which is what I love the best. We gave the kids some memories they’ll remember forever. That’s what we set out to do.”

The Raiders join the cheerleading, boys basketball, ice hockey and boys volleyball teams as having had to quarantine this school year.

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