Field Hockey Scarsdale preview photo

Maeve Jacobsen, Kenzie Mauro, Haley Matusz and Mary Jane Callahan are ready for field hockey season.


2020-21: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from the Westchester County Department of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics on masking, the Scarsdale cheerleaders were not permitted to compete. They split up into a sideline squad and a noncompeting competition squad for practices.

Coach: Stacy Monteiro

Roster: Seniors: Sydney Block, Sabrina Finegold, Blake Goodman, Lily Kiaei. Juniors: Cecilia Aulisi, Sophie Brenner, Isabella Godshall, Eloise Hahn, Halle Jakubowicz, Elena Mantzouris, Amanda Messerle, Audrey O’Hare, Olivia Reich, Noa Shiloach, Michelle Sosner, Yasmin Wiesenfeld, Flora Zik.


The Scarsdale cheerleading team returns mostly to normal this school year and will be permitted to compete unmasked, unlike last year when the team was not permitted to compete at all due to masking guidance, despite being allowed to practice full routines while masked. The team currently does not expect to be able to compete at Nationals as the school is not allowing overnight trips, but hopes to secure a bid to Nationals anyway. Sabrina Finegold, Blake Goodman and Lily Kiaei are the team’s captains.


Schedule TBA



2020: The Raider boys and girls each won the Section 1 Large Schools Southern Westchester Regional championships, the boys behind All-County Simon Bandsma and Alexandre Friedman and All-Section Jake Coleman, who would have been a New York State qualifier based on merged results, the girls behind All-County Natalyn Kapner and Alexandra Simon. It was longtime coach Rich Clark’s final season coaching cross-country.

Coaches: Vinny Modafferi, Doug Rose, Chris Mullen, Michelle Britto.

Roster: Girls: Seniors: Margot Diamond, Ilina Goyal, Lizzie Hurshman, Natalyn Kapner, Anna Schwartz, Sara Wong, Sophia Yazdi, Eliana Zitrin. Juniors: Sophia Garcia, Simone Glajchen, Eleanor Gustadt, Allison Scheffler, Alexandra Simon. Sophomores: Oryna Bludova, Mili Fukada, Sydney Geringer, Tamara Latzman, Arianna MakrakisToniolo, Renee Marmon, Claudia Rosenberg. Freshmen: Zoe Ditcher, Eva Gibney, Chloe Goldberg, Arya Goyal, Natalie Gustadt, Chloe Liu, Isabelle Nwokeji, Maria Papazoglu, Eloise Schlamberg, Jennifer Schwartz, Inari Van Eer.

Boys: Seniors: Simon Bandsma, Jordan Cascade, Ian Chin, Mark Gibney, Spencer Krivo, Jeremy Sobel, Benjamin Sommer, Jeremy Suzman. Juniors: Slate Cypcar, Jackson Fielding, Zacharie Friedman, Oliver Hong, Ryan Jiang, Mason Lau, Tongzhou Li. Sophomores: Jonah Bansal, Ryay Chen, Raymond Donovan, Jihai Liu, Timothy Stoffels, Joning Wang. Freshmen: Joseph Charnow, Alexander Akbarian, Faris Amin, Noah Auerbach, Brandon Cascade, David Dyner, Leo Huynh, Cooper Lee, Eric Liu, Tianyi Liu, Matthew Ma, Maxwell Marcus, Gabriel Novoseller, Rishi Shadaksharappa, Benjamin Siegel, Gavin Su, Benjamin Weiner, Noah Weintrob, Spencer Wepman, Leo Wetzstein, Thomas Xin, Kyler Zou.


With a new head coach in Vinny Modafferi, Scarsdale is embarking on a new era of cross-country. And with a much different season last fall compared to normal due to COVID-19, this really is a fresh start for the program.

“I just want them to be competitive with themselves at first,” Modafferi said. “I don’t want to make any team goals until we get into the season. It’s hard to gauge anything with starting a new program and with COVID last year we don’t have real data from last season to make estimates as to what you hope to accomplish.”

The girls will be led by seniors Natalyn Kapner and Lizzie Hurshman, the team’s “one-two punch,” according to Modafferi, with junior Alexandra Simon up next. After that it’s pretty wide open.

“Hurshman and Kapner want to be competitive at all stages of the season along with Alexandra,” Modafferi said. “Alexandra does pole vaulting in winter and spring, so distance running is just something she does because she likes to in the fall. Hurshman and Kapner, this is their baby. It’s what they love, so they’re looking to do something at leagues, counties and hopefully sections.”

The Raiders have high expectations for seniors Eliana Zitrin and Margot Diamond, along with junior Sophia Garcia.

“There’s a lot of girls going for those last spots to make the varsity team,” Modafferi said. “You never know because when race day comes you never know who shows up and what kind of potential they have. It’s a great situation to have. All the kids are so nice, so they’ve been working really hard. By the end of the season the top seven at the beginning might not be the top seven at the end.”

Senior Mark Gibney is the boys’ “top guy,” Modafferi said. Modafferi expects Gibney to “have a lot of fun” after coming off a strong year and seeing him in preseason workouts.

“He’s been working really hard. He put in some good mileage over the summer. He’s been kind of off on his own for most of the workouts, which is good, but he’ll run back with the other guys for the distance run to make sure everybody gets in quality work.”

Simon Bandsma, another senior, is No. 2 and Modafferi expects that with some “fine-tuning” he’ll be able to bring his running “to the next level.”

The rest of the lineup seems wide open with upperclassmen like Jordan Cascade, Jeremy Suzman, Benjamin Sommer and Zacharie Friedman looking to be in the mix.

“What’s been great about them is they have been taking the underclassmen and showing them the ropes and letting them know this is the time we’re working, this is when we’re settling back, when to try to stay with them,” Modafferi said. “They’ve been a huge help in terms of developing the team as a whole.”

Though it is a short season leading into indoor track and field for many of the runners, there is a lot to be gained over the two months.

“We had a ton of kids who didn’t do much over the summer because it was a change in the program and that unfamiliarity led to kids not putting in the summer miles that we would hope they would,” Modafferi said. “I think we’ll see a lot of growth this season because they’re just getting into shape now. They’ll be able to add some speed at the end and hopefully pop off time.”


9/11 Warwick Wave Mania at Warwick 8:40 a.m.

9/14 Mount Vernon at Van Cortlandt Park 4:15

9/18 Suffern Invitational at Bear Mountain 8 a.m.

9/25 Fred Gressler Invitational at White Plains 8 a.m.

10/2 Bobcat Run at Byram Hills 9:20 a.m.

10/16 Section 1 Coaches Invitational at Bowdoin Park 10:50 a.m.

10/23 Westchester County Championships at Somers TBA

10/26 League Championships at Van Cortlandt Park 4:15

11/6 Section 1 Championships at Bowdoin Park TBA

11/13 New York State Championships at Chenango Valley TBA

11/20 Federation Championships at Bowdoin Park TBA


Field Hockey

2020: The Raiders were 5-4 behind All-Section Emily Felder and honorable mention Maeve Jacobson.

Coaches: Lauren Barton, Sarah Martinez.

Roster: Seniors: Angela Hoey, Chinasa Ohajekwe, Elizabeth Fine, Haley Matusz, Maeve Jacobson, Olivia Franco. Juniors: Anna Feldstein, Chelsea Berson, Mackenzie Mauro, Madeleine Greco, MaryJane Callahan, Riley Iasiello, Samantha Hoexter, Lauren Zoota, Sarah Vibert. Sophomores: Maxine Silverman, Nina Franco, Parker Mauro, Skylar Matusz. Freshman: Jane Hoffman.

With only one starter having graduated, there is definite excitement for this year’s Scarsdale field hockey team, which will be led by a strong group of upperclassmen.

“The majority of our team has been together and granted last year was stop and go with quarantines, but most of these girls have played together,” coach Lauren Barton said. “I think in terms of the passing and connecting with one another all of that is really strong.”

That was just one positive aspect of the team’s game Barton saw at the first scrimmage Wednesday.

“Everybody played and because they’ve been together there isn’t a single player that’s selfish,” Barton said. “Everybody distributes the ball and the chemistry and the positivity are the two things that came out today. We even saw that connection in our half-field scrimmages, which is incredible for their first time being out there this year.”

The depth is also there this season with so many returning starters and others who are challenging for key spots in the rotation. Players are also versatile, which will help Barton put the best combinations out there.

“The fact that we have so much depth and flexibility in so many players not just to play right wing or left back, it will be exciting just to see what’s going to evolve to be our strongest formation or strongest play on corner or defensive corner,” Barton said. “It’s so much fun to coach that.”

Many of the girls worked on their skills since last season and their ability to read plays and trust each other is key as there is no panic to get the ball down the field. “It’s not that there’s not a sense of urgency on the field, but there’s more patience with building the plays down the field,” Barton said.

The Raiders do still have some things to work on as many practices were canceled or cut short due to the heat index, but they are in a good place to start the season with an eye on bettering last year’s 5-4 record and making a run in sectionals.

“The selfless nature of every single player, I do believe that is going to be one of the things that sets us apart from other teams in that we really do use everyone who is on the field and who is on the bench,” Barton said. “There isn’t much of a distinction between players when they’re on the field.”


9/13 Somers Tournament vs. Mahopac 4 p.m.

9/14 Somers Tournament 4/5:45 p.m.

9/17 at North Rockland 4:30

9/20 Horace Greeley 4:30

9/22 at Pelham 4:30

9/24 at Ursuline 4:30

9/25 Clarkstown North 12:30

9/29 White Plains 4:30

10/1 Pearl River 4:30

10/4 at Suffern 4:45

10/7 at Clarkstown South 4:30

10/11 Lakeland noon

10/13 Mamaroneck 4:30

10/15 at Rye 4:30

10/19 Bronxville 4:30



2020 (fall 2 2021): After back-to-back wins over rivals White Plains and Mamaroneck, the Raiders went down due to COVID-19 and were unable to go for the clean sweep against New Rochelle the following week. The Raiders ended the season 3-2 behind All-Section Julian Glantz, Ben Miller and Brendan Knopp.

Coaches: Not available

Roster: Not available


With 46 players on the varsity team, coach Andy Verboys has a “big unit,” but is short on experience and “nasty.” To start the season, seniors Julian Glantz, Ryan Cahaly, Nick Freihofner, Adrian Duval and Reese Shelon are bringing the nasty and for the Raiders to succeed and take second in the league to make sectionals, they’ll need more players to join them.

“Underdogs every game going in and we end up 3-1 and then COVID hit,” Verboys said of last season. “I don’t look at our last game as a varsity game because I brought up so many junior varsity kids. The whole line was JV and I had one week to work with them. Last year’s team was honestly 3-1 and that was a great year for a pandemic year. We graduated a lot of the nasty. That senior class, even though it didn’t have a lot of numbers, had a lot of nasty, a lot of drive to win. This year has the potential to be as good as that team, but are they there yet? No.”

The good news for the Raiders is that after they open up with New Rochelle they have a pair of nonleague games against Arlington and White Plains before rattling off the final four league games against Mamaroneck, Yonkers Brave, Yonkers Force and Mount Vernon. They’ll likely need to sweep those games.

“Our goal is to get back to the dance,” Verboys said. “We were there two years ago before the pandemic and we got upset by Spring Valley. I felt we outplayed them and got bad calls. But if you get to the dance anything can happen.”

Scarsdale Football preview photo

Quarterback Brian Nicholas

Getting ready for New Rochelle is a challenge, but the Raiders are aiming to be competitive at home and then learning from the game and improving from there.

The Raiders will see how quarterbacks Brian Nicholas and Adrian Duvall fare, with Glantz, Duvall and Colby Baldwin the “horses in the backfield.”

“We want to get the ball in those guys’ hands because I don’t have a [Ben] Miller,” Verboys said. “Brian brings a different look. He throws a little better so he’s tossing to Reese, Lowey and a slew of kids there. Then we have big Noah at tight end. I had to move Cahaly, which hurt, but I needed a center. He was tight end. Frei was the other tight end, so I had two All-Section TEs that I had to move to guard and center to help me with the line.”

As the weeks go on, the Raiders will evaluate what’s needed and continue doing what’s best to help the team.


9/10 New Rochelle 6 p.m.

9/17 at Arlington 6:30

9/24 at White Plains 6 p.m.

10/1 Mamaroneck 6 p.m.

10/9 at Yonkers Force 1:30

10/16 at Yonkers Brace 1:30

10/22 Mount Vernon 6 p.m.


Boys Soccer

2020: Scarsdale was 8-4-1 behind All-Section Esteban Rudloff and Luke Peltz and honorable mention Adam Wasserman.

Coaches: Marcos Monteagudo, Drew Nagel, Carlos “Chiki” Vazquez.

Roster: Seniors: Kian Batliwalla, Trevor Kohn, Javin Edlitz, Carlos Farha, Eli Gelblum, Rowan Haffner, Adam Katcher, Adrian Lim, Dylan Manin, Jeremy Mann, Luke Peltz, Teo Sheth, Samuel Siegel, Rafael Tassari, Peter Troiano. Juniors: Matthew Choe, Carson Cohen, Oliver De La Fuente, Nicolas Galeano, Sebastian Verelli, David Wang, Benjamin Yacoub. Sophomores: Henry McAllister, Zachary Ruback. Freshmen: Lorenzo Galeano, Leo Khang.


The Scarsdale boys soccer team was on the cusp of beating favorite Mamaroneck last fall and with more than half the starters returning they feel poised to make another run at their powerhouse rival.

“I did think last year Mamaroneck and White Plains were on a separate level, but we were knocking on that door, so to return seven starters or whatever the number is from that group that competed is great,” coach Marcos Monteagudo said. “Our White Plains game got canceled, but we played a very good Mamaroneck team three times and competed really well against them all three times. To return such a core group we’re excited.”

In the semifinals last year, the Raiders lost 1-0 to Mamo on a late goal and Mamo went on to beat White Plains 4-1 in the regional tournament finals. “We hope they bring back hunger,” Monteagudo said. “I hope they bring back belief that they can get it done.”

It won’t be easy with a challenging schedule that sees Mahopac, John Jay-East Fishkill, White Plains, Arlington and Clarkstown North in the first five games and ends with Mamo.

“Our schedule is pretty difficult,” Monteagudo said. “Although we’re good, we’re playing pretty much a contender almost every game of the season, which is a blessing and a curse. If you have any other schedule you’re probably going to get a better seed, but we’re certainly going to be battle tested by the time we get to sectionals.”

The Raiders have goalie Rowan Haffner returning with three veteran defenders in front of him in Kian Batliwalla, Rafa Tassari and Luke Peltz.

“I personally think we’re returning the best keeper in the section and anytime you return three starters from a back four with Luke Peltz arguably being one of the better centerbacks in the section as well, we feel like we’re going to be in any game just because of them,” Monteagudo said. “When you move forward the senior leadership is on every line.”

Adrian Lim and Eli Gelblum are at midfield and junior Nico Galeano was moved from midfield to striker. “We’re going to be looking to him to score some goals even though it’s not his natural position,” Monteagudo said. “We believe in him.”

The team’s end-to-end strength anchored by the defense has them aiming high, especially when they add in the newcomers.

“We’re excited about what we have coming up — we have a lot of very good young players who normally would have probably made varsity last year but we had like 16 or 17 seniors or something crazy like that,” Monteagudo said. “Normally they would have made a varsity team, so we’re really excited about what we have coming up. We certainly have some players who are going to step right in and fit in because they’re very good.”

After a preseason that featured rain and heat index interruptions, and making the most of it, Monteagudo has the Raiders focusing on each day one at a time.

“I think the hunger to win is there because of last year and we return quite a bit, but you can also lose focus on the day-to-day and think only about the end,” Monteagudo said. “We can make the end a lot easier if we focus on our daily job. That’s really been the focus, just trying to keep the kids in the moment, not overlook anybody. In my two years here I think we’ve won four or five games by two goals or more and everything else has been a one-goal game. We’re ready for pretty much a fight in every game no matter who we play.”


9/3 at Mahopac 7 p.m.

9/11 John Jay-East Fishkill 3 p.m.

9/15 at Clarkstown South 4:30

9/17 White Plains 4:30

9/21 at Arlington 4:30

9/23 Ketcham 4:30

9/25 at Carmel 11 a.m.

9/29 at New Rochelle 4:30

10/1 Mount Vernon 4:30

10/2 Clarkstown North 3 p.m.

10/5 at Mamaroneck 5 p.m.

10/7 New Rochelle 4:30

10/13 at Mount Vernon 4:30

10/15 Mamaroneck 4:30


Girls Soccer

2020: The league champions made it to the Section 1 Large Schools Southern Westchester Regional finals, where they fell 2-1 in double overtime to Rye and finished 10-1-2. The talented team was led by All-Section Riena Parente-Ribiero, Tori Von Redden and Ani Stefanou and honorable mention Emily Yacoub.

Coaches: Mindy Genovese, Kiera Fox.

Roster: Seniors: Audrey Gendel, Justin Karp, Izzy Laing, Sam Medvinsky, Emily Shawn. Juniors: Mackenzie Kiley, Molly Klein, Olivia Lee, Alessia Schettino, Lizzie Wachs. Sophomores: Lola Ansell, Ivy Boockvar, Cami Brosgol, Jordan Harpster, Tayt Rompala, Brady Silberfein, Elahe Sherrell. Freshmen: Naomi Fischer, Allison Kahn, Lexi Kiley, Mia Laboy.


After a regional tournament finals appearance last year, the Raiders graduated 12 seniors and also lost center-mid Lola Tirabassi, who moved, and Audrey Gendel, who is injured, so it’s a rebuilding year for Scarsdale with two starters returning in Alessia Schettino and Elahe Sherrell.

The Raiders will have sophomore Jordan Harpster in goal and a lot of other underclassmen who are ready to begin making their mark. “We had a strong showing of freshmen and sophomores, so that was great,” coach Mindy Genovese said. “We’re just trying to really take this time to build our team and gel, a lot of bonding and trying to get positions all worked out, our formation, a lot of communication.”

Genovese said it’s going to be a fun and challenging season.

“They’re young, but they’re also talented,” Genovese said. “A lot of them are coming from JV, so they had great coaching and we just have to get the opportunities to play together. The season flies.”

Being in Class AA the Raiders always have a tough league and crossover schedule and it isn’t much different this fall. The league did change, so it’s Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and Mamaroneck, no White Plains and no Ursuline. “It’s always a good test to start off with strong competition so the girls can see that this is what they want to eventually do with their season and the level they need to get to,” Genovese said. “Then we can really see where we are in relation to the teams that are always strong and what we need to work on.”

Scarsdale had a pair of scrimmages against Somers and Harrison before opening up with John Jay-East Fishkill.

“We’re young and there are so many aspects of the game we have to focus on, including the pace at which we play, communication, being able to play as a unit together, which means getting our vocabulary down, our timing down,” Genovese said. “There are different combinations and different players, I’m looking to see who clicks with who, who works well together.”

Last year teams took extra players due to COVID-19 concerns. This fall Genovese took 21 on varsity, which she said was a solid number to allow for depth on all of the teams in the program. She took as many versatile players as possible to give the team the best chance to find the right mix. “Last year I had so many returners that I didn’t have that many spots,” Genovese said. “This year as we’re rebuilding I wanted to work with as many girls as possible to get them into the system and train them. A lot of players are going to get playing time. Last year was so different with so many starters returning. A lot of open positions this year.”

Not having to wear masks this fall for outdoor sports is a major difference from 2020. “I don’t know how the girls did it last year, but we’re just so appreciative that the girls can bond together and since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic the girls are not taking anything for granted this year,” Genovese said.


9/3 at John Jay-East Fishkill 4:45

9/10 Arlington 4:30

9/13 Bronxville 4 p.m.

9/14 Suffern 4:30

9/17 Edgemont 4:30

9/18 at North Rockland 11 a.m.

9/20 Ursuline 4:30

9/28 Mamaroneck 4:30

9/30 at New Rochelle 4:30

10/6 Mount Vernon 4:30

10/8 at Mamaroneck 5 p.m.

10/13 New Rochelle 4:30

10/16 at Mount Vernon 11 a.m.


Girls Swim & Dive

2020 (fall 2 2021): At a new pool and with virtual meets, the Raiders were among the dominant teams with an 8-2 record. Joy Jiang won the 100 butterfly and 200 individual medley at virtual sectionals and school record holder Maddie Seltzer was the runner-up in the virtual diving meet.

Coaches: Barney Foltman, Kaitlin Nolan, John Eforo.

Roster: Seniors: Betsy Harris, Claire Kassabian, Kaitlyn Lee, Talia Levenson, Caitlin Needham, Ariella Pevzner, Maria Iabnez Mendoza, Claire Kaufman. Juniors: Grace Cheng, Abigail Gurden, Anne Jones, Andrea Rodriguez, Erika Wu, Kayla Soto. Sophomores: Fiona Kantor, Serena Wu, Deanna Matula-Osterman. Freshmen: Avery Dickstein, Julia Sobel, Kate Kattan, Paige Harris, Sophia Dugan, Charlotte Aldridge, Caterina Fogli, Reese Muntner.


Graduating one of the top classes in program history led by seven-time Section 1 champion Joy Jiang, Anya Pabby, Danielle Eforo, Megan Lee and diver Maddie Seltzer leaves a major void for the Scarsdale girls swim and dive team. For four years they were at the top of the lineup and now the swimmers who had been behind them over the years will be thrust into the spotlight.

“We are a very young, inexperienced team, just a couple of veterans, very different than what it’s been in the past, so our goals have changed dramatically from section titles and getting to states to working on individual improvement and developing as a team,” coach Barney Foltman said. “We had a good run for quite a while. We may not have been at the very top, but we were competitive.”

With different goals the practices are not as grueling as previous years. “I’m getting the kids to enjoy swimming and be a part of it,” Foltman said. “I don’t want to lose people, so we’re kind of easing into it.”

Setting the tone will be Claire Kassabian, who is looking to qualify for states; Talia Levenson, who has been in the shadows; Caitlin Needham and Kaitlyn Lee, who will also be leading as seniors; Serena Wu, who helped out last year as a freshman; and Fiona Kantor, a sophomore who will help, too.

This is the smallest team Foltman has had in a decade with around 25 girls. “I blame a lot of that on the pandemic,” Foltman said. “Some kids just haven’t wanted to participate and it might just be a down year. I don’t know if there is a group coming up from the middle school like that past group I had. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The team has two young divers in Deanna Matula-Osterman and Avery Dickstein.

The Raiders wrapped up the fall 2 season April 22, so they recently had a season, but are glad to be back to a more normal schedule. They will also return to Westchester Community College for home meets beginning Sept. 21 following a road meet the day before.

“We just finished the season and now we’re getting back to it, but it feels good to know we’ll have in-person meets vs. virtual meets,” Foltman said. “We’re getting back to some normalcy.”


9/20 at Eastchester at Sarah Lawrence 4:30

9/21 Mamaroneck at WCC 4:30

9/24 at Ossining Community Center 4:30

9/29 at Croton-Harmon at Mildred Strang MS 4:30

9/30 Arlington at WCC 4:30

10/1 North Rockland at WCC 4:30

10/5 Lakeland at WCC 4:30

10/7 at New Rochelle HS 4:30

10/12 at Tappan Zee at South Orangetown MS 4:30

10/19 Suffern at WCC 4:30


Girls Tennis

2020: With a 7-0 record, the Raiders won the league championship and Zoe Tucker and Natalie Hu won the Section 1 Large Schools Southern Westchester Regional doubles championship. The duo had been eighth in New York State in 2019. Anya Kornfeld and Laura Mendes were also All-Section.

Coach: Jennifer Roane.

Roster: Seniors: Madison Lee, Daphne Luttrell, Laura Mendes, Lara Wellen. Juniors: Campbell Alin, Maya Cukierman, Natalie Hu, Hyunjin Lee, Olivia Sun. Sophomores: Natasha Pereira, Yelena Sahakyan, Maya Vora. Freshmen: Kay Cottrell, Gianna Marks.


A senior class of nine graduating a few months ago gives a very new look to the Scarsdale girls tennis team. The best part of the new look is that the doubles players won’t have to wear masks this fall.

“This year there’s no masks except on the bus and there’s a state tournament and for the first time a state team tournament,” coach Jen Roane said. “Every weekend in October I’m booked.”

Scarsdale has its usual tough league and crossover schedule and the girls will be challenged on a daily basis. Natalie Hu is by far the team’s No. 1 singles player and Roane hopes to see her enter the singles draw because she “is just that much better than everybody.”

Freshman Gianna Marks will play second singles, junior Maya Cukierman third, which means the entire lineup has the potential to return next fall.

Laura Mendes, a senior veteran, was also in the preseason singles draw, and is expected to play first doubles with Campbell Alin, who was on varsity B the last two years.

Other pairings look to be freshman Kay Cottrell and sophomore Natasha Pereira, seniors Lara Wellen and Madison Lee, and juniors Olivia Sun and Hyunjin Lee.

There are a lot of newcomers this year who will take some time to get used to varsity. “This year is one of the first years that I’ve taken kids from every grade — two freshmen, one sophomore, a handful of juniors and three seniors,” Roane said.

Roane is eager to see what kind of depth the team has, with hopes of winning two singles and two doubles match, at least, to secure team victories.

“The girls are super excited to get started,” Roane said. “[Assistant athletic director] Joe [DeCrescenzo] ordered new uniforms for us, so we have a new look this year. The girls are excited about that. They look really nice. They’ve already talked about safe bonding activities. They didn’t do anything last year. They’ll do things like bagels outside. They get it.”


9/10 at Fox Lane 4:15

9/20 Mamaroneck 4:15

9/21 at John Jay-Cross River 4:15

9/22 Edgemont 4:15

9/24 Horace Greeley 4:15

9/28 Harrison 4:15

9/29 Fox Lane 4:15

9/30 at Rye 4:15

10/1 at Mamaroneck 4:15

10/4 at Ursuline 4:15

10/5 at Horace Mann 4:15

10/8 at Horace Greeley 4:15


Boys Volleyball

2020 (fall 2 2021): If there was one sport that was fully intact for travel, competition and postseason it was boys volleyball. The Raiders won their first-ever Section 1 title in the sport and beat Suffern for the first time ever. Santiago Gomez was the Section 1 Player of the Year and Gustavo Quaresma de Moura was also All-Section.

Coaches: Jim Williams, Ken Raff.

Roster: Seniors: Drew Hill, David Lang, Santiago Gomez, Cyrus Toosi, Jonny Lee, David Appel, Aaron Klein, Ken Zhu, Stephen Brockeroff, Michael Kashanian, Cameron Brody, Julian Pavone. Juniors: Charlie Hirschhorn, Tommy DiLorenzo, Jonathan Gates, Ian Silberstein, Samuel Wetzstein, Daniel Love, Jedd Frydman, Varun Bansal, Michael Hochstin, Jordan Paris, Daniel Rublin. Sophomore: Oscar Langford.

Momentum is on Scarsdale’s side. After winning the Section 1 title first time, numbers are up in the program, with 68 showing up for tryouts. Coach Jim Williams remembers “way back” when there were 19 in the program.

“I didn’t even go to the middle school last year to promote the program,” Williams said. “It seems like we’re established. We have four fewer boys than the football program does. I’ve got kids who I was trying to convince to play on JV because they would get playing time and they said they want to be on varsity and be part of that.”

Williams is carrying 24 on varsity and then there are junior varsity and junior varsity B teams, which JV coach Greg Leong is working to come up with a competitive and developmental system for.

Varsity returns Section 1 Player of the Year Santiago Gomez, along with starters Drew Hill, Tommy DiLorenzo and Charlie Hirschhorn, and a handful of other players who saw some playing time and will be fighting for spots this year.

“We lost Gustavo [Quaresma de Maura], but it looks like Cyrus Toosi is going to come in and do a lot of the setting,” Williams said. “And junior Johnny Gates is another setter who looks like he can step in. I’ve got three kids potentially replacing Ben Hoexter at libero, so we’ll see who comes forward.”

There are now seven teams in Section 1 with North Rockland joining this fall, but Williams is excited that he has enough competent position players to field two competitive teams in practice, which makes for some excitement.

“They play and compete against each other and that will make whatever team that steps on the court that much better,” Williams said. “They love practicing. They just love to get out there and play. They scream and shout in practice when they block, they scream and shout when they have a kill — they’re just having a ball. They like being there. They like each other. We may have some rivalries develop, but they’re all fighting to show each other up in a positive way.”


9/9 Eastchester 5 p.m.

9/17 Clarkstown South 5:30

9/21 at East Ramapo 5:30

9/23 at Clarkstown North 5:45

9/27 at Clarkstown North 5:45

9/28 at Eastchester 5 p.m.

10/1 Suffern 5:30

10/4 at Suffern 5:45

10/5 at Clarkstown South 5:30

10/12 Clarkstown North 5:30

10/15 Eastchester 5 p.m.

10/18 East Ramapo 5:30

10/19 at Suffern 5:45

10/21 Clarkstown South 5:30

10/25 at East Ramapo

Games vs. North Rockland TBA


Girls Volleyball

2020 (fall 2 2021): Despite practicing and playing most of the season split into equal cohorts, the girls came out united for postseason and made it to the Section 1 Lower Westchester Large Schools finals, where they fell in an intense match to rival Mamaroneck to finish 11-8. Marianna Ferraz, Declinda Perfetti, Sydney Frank and Caroline Guerney were All-League.

Coaches: Ann Marie Nee, Doug Zani.

Roster: Seniors: Emily Simons, Sydney Frank, Caroline Guerney, Amelia Lane, Zahra Laaraj, Sofia Pandolfi. Juniors: Cate Bellesheim, Isabelle Goldban, Daphne Boockvar, Gali Brass, Serena Li, Allison Jiang, Ellena Amidor, Juliana Joyce, Karina Cheng. Sophomore: Annika Fuehrer.

The girls volleyball program is also expanding with 75 girls participating in uniform after 87 tried out. There will be varsity, varsity B, junior varsity A and junior varsity B maroon and white.

“What I found when we had tryouts is these were girls who had never touched a ball before,” coach Ann Marie Nee said. “Maybe 10 of the freshmen had, but the other 28, we were cutting them, because they had never played before and it just wasn’t their fault there was no modified last year and a lot of clubs closed entirely and are not reopening. Clinics at colleges didn’t happen. I didn’t have open gyms. So how does this affect us three or four years down the road?”

In addition to the overall program, Nee is excited about varsity this year with key players returning from last year’s regional finals team. In addition, Nee ended up coaching both varsity and JV A two years ago and she will reap the rewards of that time commitment.

“I had a very young baby and I was here coaching until 9 o’clock, but what was great about that is when they were freshmen and sophomores they hung on every word,” Nee said of the JV A. “Practice was so focused and quiet because they were like, ‘Ooh, it’s the varsity coach.’ I ran the same practice plan for varsity and JV and they met every expectation. Now the girls from that team are here with three girls who made varsity B as freshmen. The rest of them were JV A and it’s been nice to see them not just develop into good volleyball players, but really young leaders.”

Volleyball was delayed to the fall 2, so the team was together just a few months ago, which is a boost for the team.

“In some ways it’s beneficial that we just saw each other in the spring because we know what to expect and we know we can play at a high level,” Nee said. “We lost our seniors, but at the same time this group has already gelled. They know each other, they know what to expect, they know me, they know [assistant coach] Doug [Zani] and they’re ready to come out and work hard.

The Raiders boast depth and since there were two squads playing last season, players like seniors Emily Simons, Sydney Frank, Caroline Guerney, Amelia Lane and Zahra Laaraj, juniors Isabelle Goldban, Daphne Boockvar and Gali Brass saw a lot of court time.

“I have such depth at every position it’s hard to make the right choices now,” Nee said. “We have such a luxury of good players and just figuring who should go in when and where is tough. It’s like I have 16 starters. It’s a matter of making sure we get everybody involved and put the right players in against the teams we play.”

The Raiders will host a mini-tournament this weekend and then a 12-team tournament the following weekend in addition to a tough schedule that includes the two teams Nee has yet to defeat in her tenure as coach: Ardsley and North Rockland.


9/3 Tappan Zee 3:45

9/10 North Rockland 4:30

9/11 Hen Hud Tournament (5 teams at Scarsdale)

9/18 Scarsdale Tournament 9 a.m.

9/21 White Plains 4:30

9/22 East Ramapo 4:30

9/25 at Briarcliff Tournament 8:30 a.m.

9/28 Ardsley 4:30

9/30 at Clarkstown South 4:30

10/2 at Suffern 3 p.m.

10/4 at New Rochelle 4:30

10/5 Mount Vernon 4:30

10/8 Mamaroneck 4:30

10/12 at Mount Vernon 4:30

10/14 Ursuline 4:30

10/16 New Rochelle 11 a.m.

10/20 at Mamaroneck 4:30

10/21 at Ursuline 4:30

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