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An Olmsted Road resident called police June 2 to report a 2020 BMW was stolen from the driveway. She said her babysitter notified her the car was missing. She said the car was unlocked and the key might have been inside. The car is valued at $73,900.

A Continental Road resident contacted police on June 6 to report one of her cars was stolen from her driveway. Her other car, a Jeep Cherokee, was entered and rummaged through, she said, but nothing was taken. The stolen car, a 2021 Lincoln Aviator, was valued at $45,000. Inside the stolen car were Bottega Veneta sunglasses valued at $400; white “Mother” brand jeans valued at $250; Warby Parker sunglasses; a Nike hooded sweatshirt; and an E-ZPass tag. The Lincoln was a rented car that belongs to another party. It was unlocked with the keys inside. 

Not too loud

Loud music was reported coming from a home on Hampton Road May 31. Police went to the described residence and heard faint music and people talking. No further action was taken.

Noise reported June 4 coming from Jackie B’s restaurant on Garth Road didn’t sound too loud to police. When advised there’d been a complaint, the business owner said he’d turn down the music.

Really loud

A loud explosion was reported June 1 by a Deerfield Road caller. Police talked to a homeowner nearby who said his pool heater malfunctioned, creating the noise. He said he turned the unit off and put it in service mode; a pool technician was coming soon. No police assistance was needed.

An explosive sound was reported June 4 in the vicinity of Overlook Road. Police went to the area but didn’t hear anything like an explosion. All appeared in good order. Police said they would monitor the area.

An Olmsted Road caller June 4 reported hearing two sounds that sounded like an explosion. Police drove through the area but didn’t hear or see anything unusual.

A Horseguard Lane caller June 4 reported a loud sound like fireworks in the immediate area. Police spoke with several people hanging around the high school who said they saw fireworks being set off. Police didn’t see or hear anything.

Loud music was reported June 4 in the vicinity of Park Road. Police located a small gathering where guests were listening to music. They were advised of the complaint and turned down the volume.

Don’t park here

A Montrose Road caller June 1 told police about a green BMW with Texas plates parked on the street for four weeks. A parking summons was issued four weeks earlier for an expired registration on the car. The registered owner was notified and advised he couldn’t leave the car where it was. The owner said he would arrange to have the car towed.

An abandoned car was reported in the southbound lane of the Heathcote Bypass June 5. On arrival, police saw a car that had its hazard lights on. The operator and a passenger were present, joined shortly after by a mechanic who arrived to change a tire. Police assisted with traffic control until the tire was changed and the car could be driven from the scene.

A close call

A woman went to police headquarters June 3 to report that as she was in a crosswalk at Popham Road walking north toward Depot Plaza, a car made contact with her, causing her to put her hands on the car’s hood. She said she wasn’t injured and didn’t need medical attention. She spoke with the teen driver and also the teen’s parent. She said she wanted police to speak to the driver as well about the importance of yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk. A report was made and police attempted to call the driver on a landline number, but no one answered.

Turtle moved from harm’s way

A turtle observed crossing Seneca Road June 3 was helped across the street by patrol.


Roosters making an excessive amount of noise were reported by a Brewster Road caller May 31. The complaint was forwarded to the Scarsdale Village attorney.

Argument with contractor

A Brite Avenue man told police June 3 his wife argued with someone from an appliance repair company on the phone and when he called the company, he continued the argument. He then left a very negative review of the appliance business online and the contractor called him about it. He has since blocked the contractor’s number and requested a report be made of the incident.

Suspicious behavior

A Brookline Road resident June 4 reported two people walking up her driveway. On arrival, police spoke with the caller’s husband who said 15 minutes earlier a car had pulled into the driveway and two males got out. He said they attempted to gain entry into two cars parked in the driveway. He yelled out his window and the two got back into the dark-colored SUV they arrived in and left the area. Police looked for the SUV to no avail.   

Noisy generator

A Wynmor Road resident June 5 complained to police about a neighbor’s generator that had been running since early in the morning, creating noise. Police spoke to the homeowner who said he was moving into the house, and the generator would only run a little while longer until power could be supplied to the home.

Car accident

An injury was reported at the scene of a one-car accident June 5 on Wilmot Road near Heathcote Road when a driver lost control of a 10- year-old Honda and struck a curb. The nature of the injury is unknown. There was no hospital transport.

Ducklings rescued

A Brookfield Lane resident June 5 reported there were 10 baby ducks in her pool that were unable to get out. She said the mother duck was in the bushes. The caller did not have a pool skimmer and said some of the ducklings were in danger of being swept into the filter. Firefighters tried using a basket without luck. A bucket was next tried to scoop each duckling out by hand, one at a time, until they were all out. The rescued ducklings were returned to the bushes where the mother duck was last observed.

Fire reports

Scarsdale firefighters responded to an Uxbridge Road residence June 1 on a report of smoke. On arrival, Greenburgh firefighters were already on scene, addressing a malfunctioning oil burner. It was confirmed the smoke situation was a result of the faulty oil burner; Greenburgh firefighters were left to do their work and Scarsdale firefighters were released from the scene. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters responded to Fox Meadow Road June 2 at the request of an elderly woman who reported feeling dizzy. Carbon monoxide was presumed to be the cause, but no readings were detected inside the home and a carbon monoxide detector on the first floor was checked and appeared functioning. The homeowner was advised to install an additional unit on the second floor and was left in the care of ambulance personnel.

A gas alarm was activated on Tisdale Road June 3 in an unoccupied house under renovation. Firefighters entered and detected natural gas at a meter. Con Edison was called and firefighters found significant levels; gas was shut down to the structure at the meter and the home was resecured without damage.

An accident with injuries was reported June 3 on the Hutchinson River Parkway northbound. On arrival, units saw a two-car collision with minor injuries to the people involved. Fire personnel stayed on scene until the cars could be towed.

A car hit a utility pole on Post and Richbell roads June 5 during a two-car collision. An ambulance was on scene to check drivers and passengers; Con Edison was notified to evaluate the pole. R&D Towing arrived to remove both cars. Con Edison said the pole would have to be replaced as it was leaking fluid from overhead cables.

A hazardous condition was reported June 6 on Lawrence Road due to a transformer exploding. Several area residents reported loss of power and arcing of secondary lines. Con Edison was called and firefighters remained on scene until the hazardous condition was resolved.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from May 31 to June 6, was compiled from official information.

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