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After delivering mail to a residence on Colvin Road Feb. 6, a U.S. Postal Service employee was walking back to his mail truck when a dog ran out of the residence and bit him on his forearm. On Feb. 7, an Aspen Road resident came to police headquarters to report her neighbor’s dogs came into her yard and disturbed her cats. The dog owner admitted her electric fence is not working and said the cats also come on her property.

On Feb. 9, a blind, elderly golden Labrador mix was found wandering on Birchall Drive. The dog was brought to police headquarters while authorities attempted to locate the owner. The New Rochelle Humane Society came to collect the dog. The owner was later found.

Not a driver’s ed course

A Crane Road resident complained about a BMW on the property that’s not supposed to be there on Feb. 8. The caller told police the groundskeeper is not allowed to use the property to teach his son to drive and has been told so twice. The groundskeeper was informed of the situation and advised next time he would be charged with trespassing.

Identity theft

On Feb. 6, a Deerfield Lane man walked into police headquarters to report he noticed five unauthorized charges while reviewing his bank account. That same day, a Lebanon Road resident reported a fraudulent check was written in her name. A fake link was connected to her checking account and forgery committed.

Disorderly behavior

An argument broke out in the coffee line at the Starbucks on E. Parkway on Feb. 8. The matter was resolved without police assistance. That same day, Scarsdale police units were dispatched to assist New Rochelle police with a disorderly man reported in the Tompkins Road CVS. The man left the store without incident.

Lost phone, library card

A 12-year-old girl and her mother went to police headquarters Feb. 8 to report losing the girl’s $800 phone and her library card. She said it happened the day before on Mamaroneck Road by Black Walnut Road as she was walking to school.

Traffic and accidents

While parked on Post Road near Rugby Lane Feb. 4, a Pawtucket, Rhode Island, woman’s car, parked and unoccupied in an incline driveway, rolled backward into the road, hitting a New York City woman’s Subaru. Damage was estimated at over $1,000. Nobody was injured.

On Feb. 7, on the Hutchinson River Parkway North, police saw two vehicles on the side of the road following a collision. A pregnant woman from one of the cars was transported to Westchester Medical Center for evaluation.

A BMW collided with a Mercedes when the BMW, parked on Carman Road in front of a church, pulled out from the curb to enter the roadway, sideswiping the Mercedes on Feb. 7. Tickets were issued to the driver of the BMW.

On Feb. 7, on Palmer Avenue, a caller reported her Passat and a Ford Expedition crashed in the Wilgrin Building parking lot. No injuries were reported.

A two-car accident happened Feb. 7, when a passenger inside a Hyundai parked on Sage Terrace opened the rear driver’s side door, striking a Honda traveling southbound. Police noted this is a one-way street. No injuries were reported.

On Feb. 9, the driver of an Acura was backing out of a parking space on Palmer Avenue when she struck a Mercedes parked next to her, causing more than $1,000 in damages. No injuries were reported and parties exchanged information.


A caller reported two big potholes at Sycamore and Aspen roads on Feb. 8. A police patrol observed two existing potholes previously filled with blacktop patch opened, but did not think they posed a traffic hazard. The highway department was notified and cones placed around the potholes as a caution to drivers.


A smoke detector alarm went off at an Ardmore Road residence on Feb. 3. On arrival, the fire department determined the source of the problem was steam from a shower.

Smoke from cooking set off an alarm on White Road on Feb. 4. The house was ventilated.

A burnt water heater connection set off an alarm at a residence on Colony Drive on Feb. 4 when a burning odor was reported at a townhouse.

A heavy smoke condition was reported Feb. 8 outside a residence on Taunton Road. Firefighters saw the smoke was coming from an outdoor fireplace. Due to heavy wind conditions, the homeowner was advised to discontinue use.

Firefighters were dispatched to a residence on Herkimer Road Feb. 9 for an automatic alarm that was set off by cooking.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Feb. 3 to 10, was compiled from official information.

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