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A one-car crash occurred Jan. 9 at Freightway and Garth Road when a driver unsafely backed out of a parking spot and struck a dumpster, damaging his own car and the dumpster. Police on patrol observed the collision as it happened and saw the driver leave the scene, proceeding north down an alley in violation of a posted “One Way” sign. Albert B. Cascio, 44, of Scarsdale, was charged with driving while intoxicated, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street and unsafe backing of a vehicle. A 35-year-old Elmsford woman who was in the car with him was released from the scene.

A two-car collision happened Jan. 5 at Saxon Woods Road and Birch Lane when one car pulling out of a driveway hit another car that suddenly entered the roadway. The second car was further damaged by hitting the curb. The second car’s driver said she bumped her head but refused medical attention.

Stolen trailer

A utility trailer was reported missing from Scarsdale Middle School on Mamaroneck Ave. Jan. 4. The person who contacted police to report the missing trailer said it was last seen Dec. 30 and was not found when school reopened on Jan. 4. The caller said no one was authorized to use the trailer, which has no VIN number or license plate and is not fitted with brake lights. The caller said it is used solely to haul garbage on the school property. He said the trailer was purchased 15 years ago and to replace it would cost $1,298. Depositions were taken and a report was made. Police said there would not be an investigation, as there is insufficient evidence to proceed.

Fraud and ID theft

An Olmsted Road resident told police Jan. 4 that a request for unemployment benefits was fraudulently filed in his name. He said he received a debit card in the mail from the Department of Labor to be used for collecting benefits, but he never filed for unemployment. He next received a second debit card linked to an account he never opened. He said his personal information was used to open that account. He has not suffered any financial loss and has been in contact with the Department of Labor and other agencies.

Police spoke to a Cooper Road resident Jan. 5 who said his Home Depot account was fraudulently used to purchase $17,963.11 of merchandise sometime between Nov. 12 and Jan. 1. The charges were made at a Miami-area Home Depot in Florida. A New York report was made to aid the Florida city’s police department, which is investigating.

A possible grand larceny inflicted on an 83-year-old Greenacres Avenue woman was reported to police Jan. 9 by the woman’s son. The son told police his mother received a phone call Jan. 5 from someone who said there was fraudulent activity on her Amazon account. This person advised the woman that her computer was hacked and she would have to send a $10,000 wire transfer to a third party for repairs. On Jan. 6 the scammer told the woman her bank froze the transfer and the money was never sent. The woman was then advised to buy four $500 gift cards and report the serial numbers to the caller, which she did. All the funds on the gift cards had been used, so police made a report of grand larceny and criminal impersonation.

A Colvin Road resident Jan. 10 told police she was the victim of identity theft. She said she was notified that her Google account was hacked, and to fix the problem she would have to go to the drugstore and buy $400 of Google Play cards. The instructions were relayed to her by a person who claimed to be a customer support representative. At this point she became suspicious and was able to contact an authentic customer service person from Google who said that notification was a lure and fraud. The Google Play cards the woman bought were not redeemed by anyone as of the time when the police made the report.

Car rummaged

A Tunstall Road resident contacted police Jan. 5 to report someone rummaged through the glove box of her unlocked car overnight. She said nothing was taken but thought the police should know about it.

Generating noise?

Police responded to a Cushman Road house Jan. 6 on a report of a loud generator running after permissible hours. On arrival police heard what sounded like a generator. They went through an unlocked gate and saw a generator at the front of the property close to the roadway that did not appear to be powering anything. They noticed a camera on the property was focused entirely on the generator.

The fire department was summoned to turn the generator off, but when firefighters arrived, they said it wasn’t running. Instead they found two speakers in a black bag emitting a loud, generatorlike sound, set at a volume that would intentionally cause disturbance. The speakers were unplugged and the noise immediately stopped. The speakers were attached to a timer and an MP3 player set to a soundtrack titled “Generator.” Since the property was unsecured, police took the speakers, the timer, the MP3 player and the bag to be vouchered and into safekeeping.

Water main break

A water main break caused substantial flooding Jan. 9 on Meadow Road and Hutchinson Avenue. The water department was notified and police stayed on scene until work was started to correct the situation. The highway department was alerted to salt the road to avoid an ice condition.


A coyote was reported strolling in the vicinity of River Road and Walworth Avenue Jan. 6. Police looked for the coyote but it remained elusive.

Stray cat hit by car

Police ended the suffering of a stray cat severely injured after being struck by a car Jan. 6 on Ardmore Road. Witnesses called the police who determined the cat was a stray. Residents went back inside their houses and the cat was euthanized with two rounds. Its remains were disposed of and the highway department arrived to clean the roadway.

Wanted help … not

A person went to police headquarters Jan. 6 looking for assistance finding shelter, but left before being helped. Police looked but couldn’t find the person to follow up.

Knock, knock, who’s there?

A Walworth Avenue resident Jan. 6 said she had video footage of a man in his 30s with dirty blond hair getting out of his gray Ford pickup truck to ring her doorbell. When she didn’t answer, he drove away. She said he didn’t try to look in any windows and did nothing particularly alarming but she wanted to report the incident to police and give them her footage.

A Carman Road resident called police Jan. 6 to report that a man with a van and a ladder claiming to be from Optimum was ringing her doorbell, which seemed suspicious to her. Police arrived and spoke to the man, who identified himself as an Optimum contractor.

A Sheldrake Road resident said a van was parked in front of his house Jan. 6 and someone rang his doorbell, but he didn’t answer. He called back a few minutes later to say all is well and the driver of the van was making a delivery. He said he was concerned because the van had no writing on it.

Pacing and smoking

A caller reported a man outside businesses on Scarsdale Avenue Jan. 9 was pacing and smoking cigarettes, which seemed suspicious to her. She described a man with a beard wearing a beanie and a red and white hooded sweatshirt. Police found the man outside 7-Eleven. He said he was talking on the phone to a friend. Police didn’t think he was doing anything suspicious and left him alone.

Kids hanging out

Police responded to Roosevelt Place Jan. 9 on a report of a group of teens making noise at Edgewood School. The teens told police they were just hanging out, to which the police responded they aren’t allowed on school grounds. The group dispersed. More teens were dispersed and thwarted from hanging out 20 minutes later on the Edgewood School grounds.


Firefighters responded to a residence on Parkfield Road Jan. 4 on a report of a doorbell making an odd noise. Power to the doorbell was shut off by a breaker inside the garage. No further action was taken.

A Park Road resident reported a malfunctioning gas alarm Jan. 6 that had been sounding for several days. A chirping sound was being emitted about every 15 seconds. Con Edison checked the structure and found nothing amiss. The homeowner was advised to contact the alarm company for service.

An oven fire at a Hamilton Road residence Jan. 6 was extinguished by firefighters who then ventilated the house. No injuries were reported. The fire was contained to the inside of the oven.

A car accident in injuries was reported Jan. 9 on the Hutchinson River Parkway northbound at Weaver Street. The New Rochelle Fire Department was also on scene.

Firefighters assisted with a residential lockout at a home on Kent. The caller said she was out running errands and another family member accidentally locked her out. After determining the identity of the caller, entry was gained through an unlocked window and no damage was done to the house.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Jan. 4 to Jan. 10, was compiled from official information.

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