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Bridgette M. Harrison, 32, of White Plains, was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated July 17 on Popham Road near Chase Road; police came upon her car while following up on a report of a collision that caused one of the cars to catch fire.

Police found Harrison standing beside her car. A field sobriety test showed she was impaired. Harrison was arrested and taken to police headquarters for processing. In addition to a charge of driving while intoxicated, she was cited for unsafe lane changes and driving too closely to another car. The Buick she was driving was impounded. She was given a summons to appear in court July 28.


A woman called police July 14 to report someone hit her car on Garth Road but drove off before information could be exchanged. She gave police the other car’s license plate information and said the car was last seen heading toward Eastchester. Police located the alleged hit-and-run driver who admitted she had an argument with the woman who had reported the incident but denied a collision had occurred. No injuries were reported but the reporting woman’s car sustained more than $1,000 in damages.

New drivers’ accidents

A one-car crash occurred July 14 on Church Lane near Wayside Lane when the driver of a 2016 Suburban SUV was making a right-hand turn and lost control of the wheel. Attempting to straighten the car, the driver hit the curb and struck a utility pole. Patrol spoke with a passenger inside the car who said she was teaching her son, who recently got his learner’s permit, how to drive. Nobody was injured. The SUV had moderate front-end damage and was leaking about a gallon of motor oil. Absorbent was applied and fire personnel stayed on scene until the SUV was towed.

Another “learning to drive” collision occurred July 15 at Quaker Ridge School near Weaver Street and Hutchinson Avenue when an inexperienced driver drove around the school’s traffic circle and accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

While trying to control the car, the driver went over the traffic island, ran over a tree, hit a bench, struck another tree and drove over a lamppost, finally stopping back in the traffic circle. The passenger in the front seat told police she was teaching the person behind the wheel how to drive. Tickets were issued and the head custodian of the Quaker Ridge School was notified. No injuries were reported.

Lost license plates

A Donellan Road resident reported July 12 the front license plate of his or her Subaru Outback fell off somewhere outside of the village boundaries July 8. The caller was issued paperwork to present to the DMV to order a new plate. 

A Griffen Avenue man reported July 12 his car with Rhode Island plates was missing its front plate; he thinks he lost it while driving in the village July 9. He was given paperwork to give to the R.I. motor vehicle department to obtain a new plate.

Drivers assisted

Police assisted a driver whose car was disabled July 12 on Murray Hill Road. The driver told police said his car “just died” and a tow was called.

A Lexus stopped on Post Road and Burgess Road July 12 with its hazard lights on had a badly damaged front wheel and couldn’t be moved. The operator had already called for towing assistance. Police stayed on scene to handle traffic.

A suspicious vehicle was reported July 14 on Griffen Avenue. Police spoke with the occupants who explained the car had broken down and they called for a tow, but the tow was delayed. Police offered the services of a tow truck on duty, which they accepted.

Police assisted a driver on Heathcote Road July 17 who reported his vehicle broke down and he needed a lift. The caller works for the highway department.


Police responded to Brown Road July 12 on a report of a large turtle in a driveway. When police arrived, the turtle had retreated to the bushes. The homeowner who called about the turtle was given the number of a wildlife service.

A Brewster Road resident July 12 called police to ask for assistance regarding an animal stuck in his window well. Police freed the animal. No mention was made in the report about what sort of animal it was.

A dead opossum was reported in a yard on Carstensen Road July 17. Police put the animal in a garbage bag and disposed of it at the town’s sanitation yard.

A sickly looking deer was reported in a yard on Overlook Road July 18. On arrival, police reported the deer was not in sight. No further action was taken.

Assistance rendered

A woman described as “slightly off” while walking on Greenacres Avenue was contacted by police July 18. The woman declined to identify herself, and told police she had no issues and needed no assistance. Police offered her a courtesy ride as it was 1 a.m. She declined.

Wallets lost and found

A Brewster Road resident July 13 told police she lost her Coach brand wallet the day before in Yonkers. She was advised to file a report with Yonkers police and no further assistance was required.

A black wallet found July 13 on the street near Spencer Place and Boniface Circle was returned to its owner.

No intentional damage

A concerned individual contacted police July 13 about a decorative book drop box at the Chase Road Park entrance. She pointed to the ceramic flower petals and other decorative add-ons, and said she thought someone had intentionally damaged them. Police saw one flower was loose and another fell off while police investigated. Police said they didn’t think the box was intentionally damaged and thought recent weather conditions might have damaged the book box.

ID theft, fraud attempt

A Mamaroneck Road resident July 13 went to police headquarters to report a fake online account had been opened in her name; she said someone attempted to transfer $90,000 from one of her real accounts into the new fake one. Her accounts have since been frozen and she’s not out any money.

A Fairview Road woman July 16 reported she is the victim of identity theft after someone filed for unemployment using her name. She put a credit freeze on her accounts and reported the fraud to the U.S. Department of Labor.

A Boulevard woman July 16 said a fraudulent cash transfer app account was opened in her name. She’s not out any money and has notified the cash app vendor.

Caught on camera … not

A Wynmor Road resident told police July 15 he saw via his Ring door camera a man walking around in his driveway looking into his locked car. The caller said he was not at home but could see what was happening on his home security system. He described a man wearing a blue sweatshirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap. Police drove to the home to look for the person but found no one of that description.

Threatening texts

A Murray Hill Road resident went to police headquarters July 15 to report she gave $2,000 to an unknown person who sent her threatening texts. She said at first she ignored the texts until the person, whom she believes is male, said harm would come to her and her husband for some alleged offense in the past. She said the texter told her they had met in New Jersey, but she told police she’s never been to that state.

The texter said she could only be safe if she sent $2,000 via Zelle money transfer, which she did. She contacted police after telling her friends about the incident and they advised her to report it. She spoke with her husband who agreed they did not want to press any charges. Police advised her to block the texter and stop corresponding with him.

Blame the landscapers

Police captured a small brown dog running on Secor Road July 15. An officer put the dog in the patrol car and located the owner who said the dog escaped when landscapers left the back gate open.

Barefoot and bandaged

A caller reported a barefoot man with a bandaged head walking on Fenimore Road and Post Road. Police found the man who said he was taking a walk and didn’t need their assistance. He seemed fine and was offered a ride, which he declined.

Landlord/tenant issue

Police responded to Post Road July 18 on a report from a tenant who said the landlord removed the toilet. The landlord said the toilet was out of order and there were no plumbers working on a Sunday. Police advised the tenant to find another arrangement until the repair was completed.

Toddler tantrum

A Madison Road resident July 18 told police she was concerned about screaming and crying coming from her neighbor’s house. Police responded and spoke with the parents of a toddler. They told police the child was upset about his bedtime. Police saw that everything appeared in order and the child was watching television.


Firefighters responded to Murray Hill Road July 14 on a report of a gas leak. During the investigation, Con Edison requested firefighter’s assistance accessing four houses, two of which were unoccupied. Firefighters got in to the houses through an unlocked rear door and an emergency access key; two residents were home and allowed firefighters to inside, where they detected no gas odors or elevated readings.

Trouble with a kitchen range resulted in a visit from the fire department July 14 to a home on Taunton Road. The pilot light igniters were firing even though the controls were in the off position. Firefighters saw standing water on the surface of the range, which was causing the problem. They detected no odor of gas or elevated readings coming from the unit, but they temporarily disconnected the gas flow to the unit and advised the homeowner not to use the range until it dried and then to seek repair should the problem persist.

Firefighters responded to a Richbell Road home July 14 on a report of an odor of natural gas. They detected readings up to .62% lower explosive limit from a street valve box prior to venting. Con Edison Gas was contacted and confirmed the readings within the street valve box but no readings in the sanitary sewer adjacent. The gas company told firefighters to go home as they were handling the matter.

A carbon monoxide (CO) alarm was activated July 16 on Wildwood Road. On arrival, firefighters saw a commercial food truck parked by an open garage; the truck’s generator was running which caused CO emissions to enter the house. The driver was directed to move to a safe area away from the garage. Firefighters ventilated the premises, which showed CO readings up to 250 ppm in the garage and 55 ppm in the hallway. The homeowner and the food truck operator were advised of the danger of CO poisoning.

The driver of a car that caught on fire got out of the car without injury July 17 following an accident on Popham Road near Overhill Road. On arrival, firefighters saw a heavily damaged car in the westbound lane with fire coming from the engine and extending into the passenger seat. The fire was knocked down using 250 gallons of water and absorbent was applied to the road surface. According to police, the car caught fire after striking the rear of a box truck. Firefighters stayed on scene until the car was towed.

A three-car collision occurred on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway July 18. One car rolled over; the occupants got out unassisted. Fire personnel blocked all lanes of traffic until the three cars were towed and applied SpeedyDry to the road to absorb all fluids. The accident investigation was turned over to county police.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from July 12 to July 18, was compiled from official information.

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