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A woman contacted police May 11 to report receiving a handwritten letter from an unknown person, insulting the woman and her husband. The return address on the envelope was Edgemont High School. She said she believes the letter was a response to something she wrote on Facebook. The woman, who is a teacher at the school, posted on a page called “Edgemont Moms” a question, asking what is being done for graduating seniors. She said after making the post she received an email from a school administrator stating she should speak to the school about plans before discussing with parents. She notified her union representative of the incident. Police made a report and advised her to be cautious on Facebook.

Abandoned car

An abandoned car with a flat rear tire parked on Rockledge Road in Hartsdale on May 11 was cause for neighborhood concern. Police saw the car’s registration expired last September. A parking summons was issued and the car was towed to police headquarters to be impounded.

Doing doughnuts?

A caller on May 11 reported a video he saw on a Facebook group called “R50 Nissan Pathfinders & QXR’s Club (96-04)” depicting a red Nissan Pathfinder doing doughnuts in a field at Secor Woods. The person who posted the video poster removed it after it received a slew of complaints, but the caller reported the poster’s name to police. After determining the Nissan belongs to the poster’s mother, police went to his home on Holmes Avenue in Hartsdale and spoke with his mother who said her son drives that car. Police have pictures of damage done at the park and of the red Nissan parked in front of the Holmes Avenue house, fresh mud on the body, tires and wheel wells. The investigation continues.

Alarm sounded

A home security alarm went off just after midnight on May 12 at a home on Old Farm Lane in Hartsdale. On arrival, police saw an open rear door leading to the basement. The homeowner said her brother just got home and used a rear patio door to enter, punching in the security code. She said it’s possible he entered the wrong code. A babysitter, who lives in the basement, said she did not hear anyone enter the basement. The house was checked and all appeared in good order.

Car accident leads to DWI

Police responded to the intersection of Mount Joy Avenue and Berkeley Lane on May 12 on a report of a car striking a tree. They saw a gray Nissan Rogue on the lawn of an Argyle Road house, its front end damaged, resting on a tree. Robert Buchen was in the driver’s seat. Asked if he was injured, he said no. Asked how he ended up on the lawn, he said, “You tell me.” The car was still in drive and running; Buchen was asked to put it in park and turn off the engine. Exiting the car, Buchen appeared unsteady on his feet. Police observed he might have urinated on himself. Asked if he’d been drinking, his response was no. He said he hadn’t taken any recreational or prescription drugs and has no medical issues. His eyes were bloodshot and, even through the officer’s protective mask, an odor of alcohol could be detected on Buchen’s breath. More officers arrived on scene and Buchen was given a field sobriety test. He didn’t do so well and was given a preliminary breath test. Buchen was placed under arrest and transported to White Plains Hospital where he took a chemical test and was released to the care of the hospital. His car was towed from the scene and impounded.

Where was that bike?

A 15-year-old boy told police on May 16 his bicycle, valued at $650, was stolen from the end of a driveway where he briefly left it on Hadden Road. Police spoke with the teen and his mother. He said “a very young child” who was no longer on scene had told him a blue car stopped and put the bike in the trunk and drove off. The boy said he left the bike for about a half hour. Police drove around and looked for a blue car and the bike but found nothing. The teen called back later to tell police the bike wasn’t stolen from the Hadden Road address but from a Chalford Road address which is where he’d really left it. He apologized for not telling the truth in his original report and said all the other information was correct, but gave no reason for the inconsistency. His family said they will pursue charges if the bicycle thief is found, but acknowledged the limited solvability of the case due to lack of information.

This report was made from official reports from the Greenburgh Police Department covering the period of May 11 through May 18.

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