Car crash Brewster Road

John Farmer witnessed his friend’s car hit a tree on Brewster Road in Scarsdale on Monday, Jan. 11, around 7 p.m. Farmer, 18, of Elmsford, got out of his own car to help his friends and he called 911. All five occupants of the heavily damaged car were taken to Westchester Medical Center to be treated for injuries.

“I don’t know if the car was stopped behind me or passed me, but once his car passed mine, it hit a dip in the road, took air and the driver’s foot must have hit the accelerator when the car landed, because he lost control, swerved left and right, hit the curb and then the tree,” Farmer told the Inquirer.

Two female passengers were ejected. “I ran to the car and one girl was calling for help from the grass and the other got up from the ground. I don't believe the passengers were wearing belts,” Farmer said, but the the driver, who was unconscious from the impact of the air bag, was belted in.

Farmer said he tried to open the car door,  but couldn't so he called 911 to send an ambulance.

“I went to my car to get scissors and I cut [the driver] out of the seat belt” through the broken window, Farmer said. “One girl on the ground said she couldn’t move and I stayed with her until the ambulance came,” he added.

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, the Scarsdale police said “there is no update on their conditions” in a press release.

Asked what went through his mind at the scene, Farmer said, “I didn’t have a lot of time to react. I just knew I had to check to see if they were OK.”

Farmer, who had been driving alone in his own car, said his friend’s car had an 18-year-old boy from Elmsford in the front passenger seat next to the 17-year-old driver, another boy from Elmsford. In the back seat were three other people: a 17-year-old girl from White Plains, an 18-year-old girl from Scarsdale and a 17-year-old boy from Elmsford. Scarsdale police confirmed the gender and hometown of all five teens.

Farmer said the three boys in the car are his best friends, and one of the two females he knows well. He said both cars were heading to meet up at a restaurant in White Plains.

Farmer has talked to Scarsdale police who are investigating the crash.

He said the officers who provided care to the victims told him all the teens will survive their injuries with no permanent damage, but will have various recovery times. “It made me feel better that they are all going to be OK,” Farmer said.

According to a report issued the morning after the crash by Scarsdale Police Capt. Edward Murphy, at approximately 6:53 p.m. Monday officers responded to a report of a serious automobile accident on Brewster Road involving a single car that struck a tree. Upon arrival of the police, it appeared that two occupants were ejected. The Scarsdale Fire Department removed the other three occupants from the car.

The five occupants of the car were treated for various injuries at the scene by paramedics from the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps with assistance from Eastchester, Harrison, and Larchmont Volunteer Ambulance Corps and were immediately transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment.

The Scarsdale Police Department was assisted at the accident scene by the Westchester County Police Accident Investigation Unit, and the accident is currently under full investigation, according to Officer Ken Woodward of the Scarsdale Police Department.

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