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Police responded Sept. 7 on a report of rooster noises emanating all morning from a Brewster Road address. The homeowner, who keeps the roosters as pets, told police she is making every attempt to keep the birds quiet, including using special collars designed to reduce their crowing sounds. Police didn’t judge the fowls’ noise to be excessive and no further action was taken at the time.

When another complaint was lodged about the roosters on Sept. 11, police went to the house and found all was quiet as the roosters had just been fed and were corralled in a soundproof chicken coop. The owner was advised, if the birds are in violation of village code regarding excessive noise, action will be taken. The complainant called back a few hours later to report that once again the roosters were loud. Police went to the residence and the rooster’s owner said the roosters were making noise because the owner was playing with them. The owner said the coop would soon be closed for the night and the birds would quiet down.

When the caller complained again Sept. 12, the rooster’s owner said she started the process of moving the birds to a sanctuary, a process that would take five days. She said she would notify police when they’ve left Brewster Road.

Empty car idling

Police responded to Wynmor Road Sept. 7 on a report of a car parked with its engine running, but with no occupants. Police attempted without success to connect with the car’s owner. A resident volunteered to turn off the engine and lock the car.

Screaming man

A caller reported a young man screaming profanities in the roadway at Farley and Brewster roads Sept. 7. The caller said the man, who was carrying a backpack and wearing a white tank top, looked about 20 years old. The caller said the man might be talking to someone on the phone or was screaming, possibly in need of assistance. Police looked for the man without success.

Car larcenies

A Post Road caller Sept. 8 said two cars on her property were entered and the doors left open. Nothing was taken but the interior was tossed. Another Post Road caller Sept. 8 said an Apple Lightning cable valued at $25 and $3 in coin was taken from his parked car. He only noticed something was amiss because the door was open.

A Hampton Road man called police Sept. 8 to report that his wife had seen two men in the backyard via a home security camera. He said the doors of his Honda were opened and the car was rummaged through. Five dollars was missing from the center console.

A woman called police from Manhattan Sept. 11 to report $1,000 in cash and two gold Van Cleef bracelets valued at $10,000 were taken from her car, which she had briefly left parked car on Griffen Avenue. An incident report was made.

Stolen vehicles

Police went to Richelieu Road Sept. 9 for a report of a stolen car. They met with the homeowner who said her Audi valued at $40,000 was stolen from her driveway. Inside the car was $120 cash, some medication, credit cards and keys. According to police, the car was later recovered. An incident report was made.

Who opened the door?

A Cayuga Road resident called police Sept. 7 to report her concern that a basement door was open unexpectedly. On arrival, police spoke with the caller’s husband who said it was a misunderstanding. The house was checked and everything appeared in order.

Lost wallet

A woman contacted police to report she lost her Chanel wallet valued at $200 in the vicinity of Walworth Avenue and Fenimore Road Sept. 10. Inside the wallet was her driver’s license and $5,000 cash. 

Identity theft and fraud

A Circle Road resident reported Sept. 8 receiving a statement from a bank in New Jersey saying an account was opened in his name. A deposit of $100 was made at the time the account was opened and, 29 days later, $9,300 was deposited — money from a small business loan an unknown person took out in the man’s name. He was advised to contact the bank and monitor his accounts.

A Larch Lane resident reported Sept. 10 her bank advised her of suspicious activity on her debit card and there was an $1,800 due balance. She verified the activity was fraudulent and the account was closed; she was issued a new card. The bank said the woman’s money would be refunded when an investigation of the alleged fraud was completed.

A Circle Road resident Sept. 13 went to police headquarters to report a New Jersey bank informed him of an account he didn’t open; $9,000 was deposited in two separate accounts using the man’s identity. According to the bank, an unknown person deposited the money and then withdrew it. The Circle Road man didn’t lose any money, but an incident report was filed.

A Meadow Road resident called police Sept. 13 to report someone attempted to open a charge account through Citibank in her name. Some misinformation given in the process sent up a red flag. The woman isn’t out any money. A report was made.

Suspicious behaviors

Police were seeking two men reported looking into cars while walking on Carman Road Sept. 8. One was described as tall and wearing a dark shirt, the other was described as a shorter man in a striped tank top. The reporting party, who told police the men got into a car, provided police with the car’s license plate number.

A Birchall Drive resident called police Sept. 11 to report a man in a gray sedan knocking on doors. Police made contact with the man who said he works for the U.S. Census and provided all proper identification.

A Kent Road resident Sept. 12 reported as suspicious a maroon SUV parked on the street. The caller said the driver of the SUV got into a red pickup truck that pulled up shortly after he parked the SUV. The caller saw an exchange of unknown items packed into large garbage bags. Police said the SUV was legally parked and a neighbor said people working in the area often park their cars on Kent Road. He said he thought the driver of the SUV was being picked up by a construction manager. No further action was taken.

From hospital to public bus

A caller reported a woman wearing a hospital gown was seen Sept. 8 at the intersection of Post and Huntington roads. Police made contact and the woman said she told them she was recently discharged from Westchester Medical Center and lost her way while trying to find the bus. A driver from Scarsdale Taxi arrived on scene and drove the woman home. No further action was taken.

Deer euthanized

A caller reported an injured deer at the intersection of Mamaroneck Road and the Hutchinson River Parkway Sept. 10. Patrol saw the deer lying in the road and moved it to a grassy area where it was dispatched with one round. The highway department was notified.


A rear-end car accident happened on Post Road and Boulevard Sept. 8. Both cars were traveling south in the left lane. One driver stopped for the red light, the other didn’t. Information was exchanged at the scene and a ticket issued. The driver and a passenger in the front car reported injuries.

A hit-and-run was reported Sept. 8 on East Parkway and Crane Road. The caller said he parked on East Parkway opposite Chateaux Circle; when he returned to his car, he saw somebody hit it.

A two-car accident happened Sept. 9 on Post and Burgess roads when one car made a left-hand turn into the entrance of Scarsdale High School and collided with another car. There were no injuries. A ticket was issued.

A New York City resident hit a fire truck Sept. 11 at Tompkins and Post roads when she was driving the wrong way, exiting the police station entrance just as the fire truck was pulling out. Her car sustained minor damage to both the left and right sides. The fire truck was undamaged. She was issued violation tickets.

A bicyclist was struck by a car door Sept. 12 on Walworth Avenue and Colvin Road. The driver of the car parked and opened the door without noticing the bicyclist. The rider, a 57-year-old Bronxville woman, refused medical attention.

A driver backing out of a driveway on Gaylor Road Sept. 13 hit and caused minor damage to a car legally parked on the other side of the street. Police assisted with an information exchange.

Dog starts kitchen fire?

Firefighters responded to Carthage Road Sept. 8 on a report of a kitchen fire. Upon arrival all the family members were outside the house; inside firefighters saw a cardboard pizza box and other items burning on the electric range top and countertop. The fire was put out using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and firefighters removed a damaged microwave oven that was above the range. Firefighters confirmed there was no fire in the surrounding walls or ceiling. The homeowner said the range was turned off when the pizza box was placed on its surface and suspected, based on  previous behavior, the dog accidentally turned on the burner knob with its paws while trying to get to the pizza box. The house was ventilated and no injuries were reported.

A car struck and severed a utility pole Sept. 9 on Weaver Street. No wires were down when Con Edison arrived on scene. The area was isolated with caution tape and absorbent was applied to the road surface.

A contractor’s van rolled over, entrapping the driver on the Bronx River Parkway Sept. 9. Fire personnel stabilized the driver who had a fracture and was bleeding from his arm and wrist. An extrication tool was used to cut through the van’s roof. The windshield was also removed. The driver was transferred to a backboard and readied for EMS to take him to the hospital.

A lawn care worker became trapped in the tine wheel of a lawn aerator while working on Ogden Road Sept. 10. The man’s leg was entangled and trapped up to his knee. The machine was stabilized with cribbing and police supported the man while fire personnel dismantled the machine’s drum and tine wheel to free his leg. Various tools and cutters were used to separate him from the machine. The man was set on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Smoldering bird nesting material brought firefighters to the Scarsdale Synagogue Sept. 11 on Ogden Road. Light smoke was seen coming from an exterior light fixture. Power to the fixture was disconnected and the fire was extinguished with a water can. The property’s caretaker was advised to call an electrician.


This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department from Sept. 7 to Sept. 14, was compiled from official information.

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