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A pit bull was reported running loose Sept. 6 on Drake Road. Police looked for the dog but didn’t find it.

Two poodles were reported lost Sept. 7 on Oxford and Park roads. The caller said one is black, the other white, and that both were wearing collars. Police looked for the dogs without result.

A loose dog was reported Sept. 10 running around at Scarsdale High School on Brewster Road. Police responded to the location and met with the caller who was near the dog, a 50-pound gray canine not wearing a leash or collar. Police took the dog to headquarters; while they were attempting to contact the Humane Society to pick it up, the dog’s owner arrived to claim it. No further action was required.

A lost dog was reported on Brewster Road Sept. 10. The caller described it as medium sized, mostly black, and not wearing a collar. Police saw it on school grounds. The owner arrived and recovered her dog.


Driver charged with DWI

William Wilson Sanchez, 35 from Waterbury, Connecticut, was arrested and charged Sept. 6 with driving while intoxicated and aggravated DWI. Police were dispatched to the intersection of the Hutchinson River Parkway and Meadow Road for a report of a man and a woman fighting inside a car. On arrival both people were outside the car, each talking to a different police officer. The man, identified as Sanchez by police, was given a standardized field test which he failed. He was arrested on scene, taken to police headquarters and searched. He was placed in a cell and processed. He was issued a court appearance for Sept. 15. A New York State Domestic Incident report was completed for domestic violence. Sanchez’s Honda Pilot was impounded.


Can Can

A Brown Road resident Sept. 6 complained to police that her neighbor leaves her garbage pails out all the time, in violation of village code. Police went to the house and saw two trash cans in the driveway, which was not a code violation.


Distraught female

Police responded to a report Sept. 6 that a woman dressed in pajama pants was standing in the middle of the bridge over the Bronx River Parkway and staring down at the roadway at Greenacres Avenue and Fountain Terrace. The caller described the woman as “distraught.” Police canvassed the area looking for her but didn’t see her there. When police met with the witness who reported the incident, the witness described a 5-foot-4 female in her 20s in pajama pants wearing socks but no shoes. County police were called to look for the young woman. A 911 call came in from another caller, which led police to the subject of concern, but she declined to identify herself and said she didn’t want assistance.


Found wallet

A wallet found on a bench Sept. 6 in front of the post office on Chase Road and Spencer Place was turned into police for safekeeping. A contact number was found for the owner who said he would retrieve it during normal business hours.


Just taking a nap

A passerby informed police Sept. 7 about a woman sleeping in her car parked on Richbell Close. The woman told police she was taking a nap before going into her job inside a nearby residence. As police observed no criminal activity, no further action was taken.


Blue Jeep left behind

A Fox Meadow Road caller Sept. 8 reported a blue Jeep parked on the street for over a week. Police recognized the car as it was one of several that became disabled during tropical storm Ida Sept. 1; because police were unable to reach the registered owner, they contacted a tow truck to pick up the car.


Legally parked

A Bradford Road resident Sept. 9 reported a car parked opposite her house for four days without moving. Police saw it was legally parked and not causing a traffic condition.


Man in the yard

A Deerfield Lane resident Sept. 9 said a man wearing a blue shirt and sporting facial hair was in her yard. Police arrived at the home but saw no one. The caller said she wasn’t home but saw him on her surveillance video which was a live feed and not recording.


Fawn saved

A fawn was reported stuck in a gate Sept. 9 at Heathcote Road and Morris Lane. Two police officers released the fawn and it ran off, uninjured.


Lost in the woods

A woman was reported screaming on the golf course Sept. 9 near Mamaroneck Road. The person who called police said the woman was screaming loudly and likely in need of assistance. Multiple agencies assisted in a search including White Plains police, Westchester County police and Scarsdale units.

Scarsdale police located the woman, who told police she was out hiking when she became lost in the woods. The officer who found her reported she had only minor cuts and scrapes and was unlikely to want medical attention.


Drive-by requested

A Crossway caller Sept. 10 requested police drive by his residence as he lost some personal items including his residential information. Police conducting an exterior search of the residence found it empty and devoid of any personal items or information as it appeared to be under construction. No further action was taken.


Items removed from parked car

A Ridgedale Road resident called police Sept. 10 to report items of value were taken from his car, which was parked in front of his house. He said a television, a printer and several bags from Bed, Bath & Beyond were removed. He said he didn’t remember if he had locked the car. Police said there were no signs of forced entry.


Disabled motorist

A caller reported a car with a flat tire, possibly abandoned, was parked Sept. 10 on Post Road. Police said the car was previously reported having been in a collision and the owner said he was waiting for his parents to come for the car when they were finished working. No further action was required.


Road rage

A caller reported Sept. 10 a road rage incident on Garth and Popham roads. They said someone in a gray Jeep Cherokee was yelling, flashing high beams and following the caller for some time. The caller said the other driver only gave up the pursuit to avoid the police who were canvassing the vicinity of Crane Road. 



A Springdale Road resident Sept. 10 reported falling for a scam that resulted in a transfer of more than $14,000 to an account outside the country. The caller told police she contacted her bank to ask for reimbursement. She was given advice on how to safeguard her identity and how to spot fraudulent calls and emails so she could avoid being victimized in the future.


Total loss due to flooding

Police spoke with an Ogden Road resident Sept. 10 about her car, which was totaled due to flooding from the tropical storm Ida on Sept. 1. As instructed by her insurance agency, she removed the plates and left it in the road to be towed. She told police the tow truck was delayed and the car wouldn’t be moved until the next day. No further action was taken.


They’re leaving

A caller reported a loud party Sept. 10 at a home on Harvest Drive. Police went to the home and spoke with the resident who said they were having a party but everyone was leaving. No excessive noise was heard.



A caller Sept. 12 reported someone sleeping at Crossway and Heathcote Road. Police spoke to a 22-year-old male who needed assistance getting home. The hour was quite late. His mother was contacted and she went to get him.


Broken window

A caller Sept. 12 reported a broken window on the Edgewood Road side of the school near the playground. The window, which was large, was valued at $466. The school custodian said there was no sign anyone had entered the building and that all other doors and windows were secure. A temporary repair was made to secure the window.


Won’t leave

Police responded to a Post Road group home Sept. 12 on a report that a former resident refused to leave the location. On arrival police spoke with a staff member who said a discharged resident had returned and wasn’t willing to leave. The former resident told police she had nowhere to go and wanted help finding a place to stay. Police found her shelter and housing for the night, but first she had to provide proof of a negative rapid COVID-19 test. The woman was given a ride to White Plains Hospital for the test and no further assistance was needed.



A fender bender between two cars happened Sept. 6 on Post and Crane roads. It was a rear-end collision. Police assisted both parties with an exchange of paperwork. Nobody was injured.

A car struck a dog Sept. 7 on Fenimore Road and Oak Way. The driver said he was traveling westbound on Fenimore Road when a brown dog ran out into the roadway and he was unable to stop. The dog’s owner took the dog to a veterinarian prior to police arrival. The dog’s condition is unknown.

A caller Sept. 10 said she struck a parked car on Scarsdale Avenue. No one was in the other car and no one was injured. Police assisted with an exchange of paperwork.



Firefighters went to a Stratton Road residence Sept. 6 for a reported 5 gallon tank of gasoline tipped over on its side due to flooding inside the house. Firefighters moved the half-filled container outside and removed items from inside the garage. They applied Speedy-Dry to absorb spilled fluid. Positive pressure ventilation fans were used to ventilate the garage and basement until readings were clear. The Speedy-Dry was boxed and moved outside so the homeowner could dispose of it.

Firefighters responded to Brookby Road on a report of wires down and burning Sept. 7. On arrival, firefighters saw the electric service wire to the house was down between two properties and hanging suspended from a pole. There was no indication of any arcing or burning. Con Edison was called. The affected area was isolated with caution tape and members of the affected households were contacted and advised to remain clear of the area until repairs could be made. A smoke detector was activated at one of the affected residences due to inadequate ventilation while cooking. The homeowner stopped cooking and reset the alarm.

An odor of natural gas was reported Sept. 7 by a caller on Montrose Road. Firefighters saw several closed excavations and smelled gas. Readings up to 100% LEL were detected beneath road plates. Con Edison Gas arrived and confirmed the excavation readings and began an investigation. Fire personnel left the scene.

A caller on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 8 reported an odor of natural gas. Firefighters on arrival learned the resident left the oven valve on with a malfunctioning igniter. Gas levels were 700 ppm. The valve was shut down by the resident prior to their arrival. The house was ventilated and Con Ed Gas notified.

A carbon monoxide alarm went off Sept. 9 at a house on Butler Road. The contractor was running a generator near the open garage door; 150 ppm levels were detected in the basement and 35 ppm readings were detected on the first and second floors. The generator was shut down and the house ventilated. The contractor was advised to move the generator further away from the house.

A collision was reported Sept. 10 on the Hutchinson River Parkway northbound at Mamaroneck Avenue. On arrival, emergency personnel saw four cars involved with property damage to all of them. The county police were on scene and units stood by for tow. No injuries were reported.


This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Sept. 6 to Sept. 12, was compiled from official information.

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