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Police responded to Marion Avenue Sept. 2 for a reported dispute between two men, one who is alleged to have thrown a rock at the car of the other man who made a wrong turn. The caller, whose car was struck by the rock, said he got lost driving on N. Healy Avenue due to road closures on Central Avenue because of the storm. He said when he made his second U-turn on the dead end of Healy, his driver’s side rear window was shattered. He saw a heavyset man wearing shorts in the middle of the street cursing and yelling. He said he didn’t see the man throw the rock but it was very early in the morning and there were no other cars or pedestrians in the area.

Police spoke to the man who was still in the roadway. He told police about damage to his home from the storm and said he was having a bad day. He never referred to rock throwing and said he’d been drinking whiskey. Another officer arrived on scene and, while talking to that officer, the man reportedly blurted out, “Yeah, I threw that rock.” The victim said he wanted his window repaired and said he would get a written estimate and present it to the man who agreed to pay for the damages. Police took photos and assisted both parties in making arrangements to handle the situation civilly.


Abandoned car

An abandoned car was reported Sept. 3 on S. Central Avenue. On arrival, police saw a Toyota Camry parked in front of the Eldorado Diner. The car was waterlogged. The owner was contacted and said he’d called for a tow and he thought the car had been towed. Police called another tow company to move the car and notified its owner.


Lost license plate

A Haddon Road man told police Sept. 2 he lost a license plate when stormwater tore it off his car while it was parked in front of his house. He was told to turn the other plate into the Department of Motor Vehicles and he was given appropriate paperwork.


Purse missing

An E. Hartsdale Avenue woman told police Sept. 1 she noticed her purse was missing after she stopped to purchase lottery tickets at the BP gas station on S. Central Avenue that day. She said she left her car parked, running and unoccupied while she was inside the store and when she got home she realized her bag along with 16 credit cards, three debit cards, several insurance cards and her driver’s license were gone. A report was made.


Wallet missing

A man went to police headquarters Sept. 2 to report the loss of his wallet after parking his unlocked car in the lot closest to the front door of H-Mart on N. Central Avenue. He said he completed his purchase before he saw his wallet was missing. He said he saw a man jump into a silver SUV, whom he thought might be a suspect. He wasn’t sure he’d locked the car. Police saw no signs of forced entry. His debit card and a paycheck from work were in his wallet along with his driver’s licence. He canceled the cards and the check. A report was made.


Tenant/landlord discord

Police responded to an address on Sprain Road Sept. 3 and spoke with a male tenant who said his female landlord entered his residence and his garage unannounced. He said she has a key to the garage but never told him why she was there. He was advised to follow up with landlord/tenant court and a report was made for documentation only.

Police responded to another address on Sprain Road Sept. 5 and spoke with a tenant who said his landlord showed up to investigate a roof leak. He said he wasn’t told in advance the landlord was coming, but he let him in anyway. He said when the landlord entered his residence, he broke into the drywall, creating debris. The tenant said he had no idea this would happen and thought he was entitled to prior notice before that type of work would take place. The landlord told police he would abide by the rules of the lease in future when work needed to be done.



Police performed a traffic stop Sept. 3 on S. Central Avenue and Underhill Road after observing a car traveling northbound, speeding in a marked zone. The driver was identified and police found he had a suspended driver’s permit and multiple parking violations for which he had been issued tickets. Police gave him another citation and another ticket to appear in court Sept. 14. He was released at the scene with his car and told to park it and not to drive it until his suspension was lifted.

While on patrol Sept. 4 on S. Central Avenue police saw a white BMW with New York plates make an improper left turn across a marked median to enter a parking lot on S. Central Avenue. The driver was pulled over and showed her Georgia driver’s license. A check of her information revealed her New York driver’s license was suspended. Her car was registered to another person. She was given a ticket to appear in court Sept. 28 and was released from the scene without incident.


Fracas at pizza shop  

Police responded to Domino’s Pizza on N. Central Avenue Sept. 4 on a report of five men threatening to fight the store manager. On arrival, the men were gone. The manager said one of the men walked up to him and said, “It’s lit,” before walking away. He said he’d had problems with that person in the past, specifically two years ago, but nothing recent. He said the person lives in Elmsford. The manager locked the door to the store but saw the person outside with four friends. He told police he saw the man reach into his waistband but didn’t see a weapon, which was a concern because the person allegedly has been known to carry firearms. A delivery driver for the restaurant told police he went outside and told the five men to leave. They said they were there to fight the manager but they left. Police said no crime was committed and the manager was advised to call police should there be further issues.



An injured juvenile possum was reported Sept. 6 on Lawton Avenue by a homeowner. On arrival police saw it still alive but severely injured and covered in flies. The officer discharged his firearm to euthanize the animal and the homeowner was told how to dispose of the carcass.

A sick skunk was reported Sept. 7 on Longfellow Street. As it was in a safe place to be euthanized, officers did the deed with one round.


No deals in driveways

Police responded to a residence on Old Army Road Sept. 6 for a reported disagreement between a homeowner and a paving contractor who claimed he works for “Pave Right.” The homeowner said on Aug. 26 a man went up his driveway and offered to repair the homeowner’s property for $3,500. The homeowner agreed and on Sept. 2 the man returned with another man who might have been his son. They did partial work but left before the job was done. The homeowner was told he’d have to pay another $5,000 to get the job finished. They haggled and the homeowner paid another $2,310 via Venmo. He said the name given for the Venmo account was different from the name the man gave him. The homeowner’s wife told police a neighbor said the same contractor showed up at the neighbor’s house Sept. 3 asking for the whereabouts of the homeowners who had asked the contractor to work on their driveway. Police believe the paving contractor and his companion may be connected to a Yonkers police department bulletin regarding a fraud pattern. Detectives are investigating.



An E. Hartsdale Avenue resident told police Sept. 7 that, while reviewing his business checking account records, he found multiple checks issued to vendors had been endorsed and paid out to names he didn’t recognize. In some cases the amounts had been altered. The man told police he immediately contacted his bank to report identity theft and fraud. The bank advised him to make a police report. The caller said he normally pays all his vendors by bank checks, which he sends through the U.S. Postal Service. He said he found three other checks he had written to vendors from his business account that were never cashed, so he put a stop payment on those checks.

A Pinewood Road resident told police Sept. 7 her bank manager alerted her to someone trying to deposit money taken from her account. She checked her account and noticed several unauthorized withdrawals totaling nearly $45,000. She said she thought her mother’s caretaker was to blame and gave a description. The bank said the person trying to make the deposit fit the description. The woman’s accounts have since been frozen. She said her bank refunded some of her money but not all. Detectives are investigating.

A man went to police headquarters Sept. 7 to report $35 in cash and a watch valued at $2,400 were missing after he worked out at 24 Hour Fitness on S. Central Avenue Sept. 1. He said when he returned to the locker, the lock was still secured. He said he doesn’t have insurance on the watch. Police noticed scratch marks around the padlock.


Property damaged by downed wires

A Tennyson Street resident told police Sept. 7 a portion of his vinyl siding and a corner piece were pulled off of his house when a large tractor trailer truck got caught in cable wires running from a utility pole to the complainant’s residence. The man said he got in his car and chased the truck as it drove away, pursuing it to the Knollwood Road overpass over Interstate 287. He said he was able to get the driver’s attention, but the man refused to provide him with any information. The caller wrote down the name of the truck company and other information but not the trailer’s license plate. Police told him how to file an insurance claim and advised him in the future not to pursue problematic drivers but to call the police instead. He was also told to contact his cable provider to fix the downed wires.


Man confronts teens

An Edgemont Road man spoke to police Sept. 7 about three teens he believed pushed his recycling bin over. He said he followed them down the street. He instructed them to pick up the bin and the mess or he would call the police. He said they did clean it up and then drove away in a gray Mazda SUV. He wanted the incident documented.


This report, covering Greenburgh police activity from Aug. 30 to Sept. 7. was compiled from official information.

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