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A Carthage Road man reported May 18 his white 2016 BMW valued at $30,000 was stolen from his driveway. He told police he was certain it happened between midnight and 6 a.m. although he didn’t hear or see anything suspicious during the night. He said he had left the car unlocked.

An Axtell Drive man reported May 17 his car was entered overnight. He said when he checked, the front driver’s side door was open and about $6 worth of quarters was missing. He also left his car unlocked. There was no property damage.

Fighting couple

A caller alerted police on May 12 to what appeared to be a boyfriend/girlfriend argument in progress on Palmer Avenue. The caller reported seeing a woman hitting a man inside a white Honda Civic. The pair was yelling when police arrived; they calmed down and said they didn’t need assistance.

Canine encounters

An Obry Drive resident called police May 12 to report she had found a small, friendly, gray and white dog without tags on her property. The caller told police she had posted on a Facebook group that she found the dog and she was looking for its owner. Police told the caller to contact the New Rochelle Humane Society for further assistance if the dog’s owner does not come forward.

A golden retriever was attacked by a furry poodle mix May 15 on Corell Road. A man told police he was walking with his wife and four kids when the poodle mix ran out from its yard and behaved in an aggressive manner. The man declined to file a police report because his dog was not bitten, but he wanted the incident documented because his family was alarmed. Police spoke to the poodle’s owner who said her dog is friendly but hyperactive.

A Franklin Road woman on May 15 reported that her dog was barking its head off because of people walking nearby with flashlights. Police spoke to the woman’s neighbor who said he had been using a flashlight while cleaning his outdoor grill. Police informed the caller of the findings and no further action was taken.

Kitty, come home

Police responded to Mamaroneck Road May 12 on a report of people walking with flashlights behind Westchester Reform Temple. Patrol located a group walking with flashlights; they said they were searching for their black cat that had run away. Patrol advised other units to keep an eye out for the cat.

Dead opossum

A dead opossum was reported in the roadway at Sprague and Gaylor roads May 13. It was moved to the curb on Sprague Road and the highway department was notified.

Delivery delayed

A Brite Avenue woman called police on May 13 to report the transport company contracted to ship her 2019 Jeep Cherokee from Florida to New York had not yet delivered her car. She said she was upset because her contract said it was coming on May 10, but she had been notified that the car would arrive on May 14. She was unable to provide license plate information and said she would wait another day.

Man in the woods

A Brite Avenue man reported May 14 that he believes a man is making a home for himself in the woods between Fox Meadow School and the tennis courts on Brite Avenue. Police located the man who said he was homeless and heading to the train station. He said he stopped in the woods to rest. He did not request or seem to need police assistance and he continued on his way.

Man on the lawn

A Popham Road resident reported May 16 a man loitering behind his apartment building. The man told police he lives in the village and was relaxing in the common area/rear lawn of the apartment complex. He was advised the area is for residents and their guests only. He left shortly thereafter.

Funny bone

A Cambridge Road caller on May 14 reported finding an unusual bone in his garden bed, and he thought it seemed suspicious. Police observed what seemed to be an old dog bone. The caller said he would dispose of it.

Roaming coyote

Police responded to a report of a coyote walking in the middle of the street near Eton and Park roads on May 15. Police looked for the animal with negative results.

Money missing

A Richelieu Road man told police on May 15 that as his wife reviewed their checking account that morning she noticed a check for $8,000 cashed to an unknown party. He notified his bank and took action to close the account.


A two-car accident happened May 15 on Hillview Drive when a South Salem man in a Ford pickup let the truck slip out of park and roll on the street straight into a parked van. The Ford’s operator said he was partially in the truck when it made impact. Damage was minimal and no injuries were reported.

A minor collision occurred May 15 at Spencer Place and Harwood Court in front of Mixology. No injuries were reported.

Stolen merch?

The store manager at CVS Pharmacy on Popham Road reported May 16 that a man had stolen 13 items of male hygiene products. She said the value of the stolen merchandise was $126.87. She told police she saw the man enter the store and, when he left, the store’s larceny alarm was activated. The manager said she reviewed the store’s video footage which showed the man taking the items and putting them in his black book bag. Ignoring all points of sale, he exited. Police reported the incident is closed due to the manager’s lack of interest in pursuing the matter.

Many needles found

Police responded to multiple reports on May 17 of hypodermic needles found in the street or people’s driveways. A person walking in the area of Nelson and Edgewood roads reported finding two hypodermic needles on the ground. Police removed them for destruction. Police searched the neighborhood and found 12 more needles, none on school property. All were removed for proper destruction and all needles found were capped. The same day, a Bradley Road resident reported finding a needle on the ground; police found another needle at the intersection of Sprague and Nelson roads. A Johnson Road woman reported finding a hypodermic needle in her driveway. Officers found two and removed them. A Clarence Road caller reported finding needles on the street. The detective division is conducting an investigation.

Police warned that anyone who comes across a needle must not touch it, but should call the police.


Fire personnel responded to a report of a gas leak at a Butler Road home on May 11. Entry was gained through a side door without damaging any property. Con Ed was on scene. No gas leak or odor was detected.

An odor of gas was reported May 12 at the Christie Place condos from a fourth floor unit. The fire department detected odor and readings from the east wing lobby, but not the fourth floor. The source was traced to Chat restaurant where multiple gas leaks were located in the kitchen. Con Ed was on scene to tag the appliances and shut down service.

A 15-year-old boy who sustained multiple leg injuries after being struck by a fallen tree limb on May 15 was rescued from a wooded area behind Rock Creek Lane. Fire department personnel located the youth about 300 feet into a sloped area. The teen was described as conscious and breathing. Police, fire and EMS were on scene and a Gator was used to reach him. The teen was stabilized and removed from the woods using a backboard and basket stretcher. He was transported to Westchester Medical Center.

A CO alarm activation in the boiler room of a Catherine Road residential building on May 16 brought Con Ed to the scene. No one in the building showed symptoms of poisoning. The fire department initiated positive pressure ventilation and Con Ed said all appliances were properly functioning. A possible cause for the alarm activation could be traced to the air conditioning unit pulling air in the boiler room while the AC is running. The resident was told to call for service.

The fire department returned to Chat restaurant on Christie Place on May 17 for a report of an odor of gas. A check found the gas valve was not in a completely closed position to the kitchen appliances. The slight opening powered some pilots while others were out; gas was still flowing to those pilots. Con Ed shut the gas ball valve completely and checked the gas feed and the meter. Chat can turn the gas valve back on in the kitchen to use appliances as per Con Ed Gas. The area was vented and residences above the restaurant checked.

A burning odor was reported from a house on Willow Lane on May 17. The resident said they were running the dryer when they smelled the burning smell. The two-story house was evacuated as fire personnel checked the second floor dryer room and the attic. The dryer was turned back on; there was no odor or smoke. The house was cleared.

This report was compiled from official reports from the Scarsdale Police and Fire departments covering the period of May 11 through May 18.

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