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Police responded to Taunton Road Sept. 5 on a report of an unknown person attempting to enter a house. Police saw a man — as described by the caller — sitting on a bench on the front porch. When he told police he was trying to get in because his parents lived there, they told him he was at the wrong location, at which point he said he’d been “walking through Westchester” for most of the night.

After checking his identification, police determined the man was wanted by Mamaroneck police for attempted criminal trespass. Kofi Busia, 31, was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters where he was released to the custody of Mamaroneck police.

Car theft

An Axtell Road caller Sept. 2 reported his 2004 Mercedes valued at $2,000 was stolen from his driveway. Police spoke with the caller and his live-in health aide. The aide said she parked the car in the driveway but, while working in the kitchen later, noticed it was missing. She said she left the only set of keys in the unlocked car.

Burglars kick in doors

Police responded to a Mohican Trail residence Sept. 2 on a report of multiple motion activations and a request to check on the house. Upon arrival police found the front door open. It appeared to have been kicked in. Various items were stolen. Police are investigating.

A Lincoln Road caller Sept. 3 reported her real estate agent said her front door was off the frame. On arrival police thought the door had been kicked in. The doorjamb was broken, as well as the door handle. A report was made to the seller’s agent and the potential new homeowner. Police are investigating.

A Huntington Avenue caller reported Sept. 4 she returned home to find her rear door kicked in. Items were stolen. Police are investigating.

Suspicious behaviors

A Wildwood Road resident told police Sept. 4 he saw someone attempting to enter his parked Audi in front of his house. He said when he came out the person attempted to enter another car parked further up the street and then took off.

A Post Road resident Sept. 8 said two of her cars were entered. Police saw items strewn around the interiors but nothing appeared missing. Neither car was locked.


The owner of the CVS on Popham Road reported Sept. 3 a man and a woman were inside the store on Aug. 27 when they took $1,100 of merchandise including electronic toothbrushes, deodorant and toothbrush refills. On Sept. 5 possibly the same couple returned to steal more items. Police watched security footage showing a man and a woman holding an empty blue IKEA bag, filling it, and then leaving without paying. The manager reported about $100 worth of Ensure nutrition drinks were missing.

Struck in crosswalk

A man was injured and taken to the hospital Sept. 1 after being struck by a car while in the crosswalk at Post and Popham roads. He was hit by a Scarsdale man driving a Chevrolet Suburban who said he didn’t see the pedestrian. Emergency responders found the injured man sitting on the ground, alert and conscious. He was stabilized and taken to the hospital. The driver of the Suburban has a suspended license and was issued summonses. He returns to court Sept. 30.

Graffiti, loud teens

A custodian at Heathcote School on Palmer Avenue reported graffiti on school property Aug. 31. He said he also found beer bottles on the roof. Around 7:30 p.m., that same day, a caller reported seeing teens on the school roof. Police arrived and saw 20 teens by the Innes Road side of the school. When they saw the police, the teens took off. The officer noticed a cellphone on the ground and picked it up for safekeeping. The caller who reported kids on the roof appeared to claim the phone.

Teens being loud were reported Sept. 1 on the field on Hampton Road. They were told the grounds are currently closed and they should leave.

A large group of teens was reported for being too loud Sept. 1 on Shawnee Road. They took off when police arrived.

A caller reported teens making noise in the park on Aspen Road Sept. 2. Police located the kids and told them to leave as the park was closed for the night.

Dog attacks dog

A Rugby Lane caller Aug. 31 said while dropping her son off for a play date the day before on Elm Road she was holding her miniature schnauzer puppy in her arms. A neighboring dog broke off its leash and charged her. She was knocked over, she said, and her dog received multiple puncture wounds to his back and stomach as well as three broken ribs. The attack ended when the offending dog was pulled off of the woman and her dog by its owner and a friend. Police said this is the first time the offending dog had been reported for aggressive behavior. Police told both owners their dogs had to be quarantined for 10 days. Depositions were taken, photos taken, and a dog bite report was completed.

More animal matters

A Valley Road resident contacted police Sept. 1 because her neighbor’s chickens and rooster were making noise. Police searched for the fowl without success and said they could only hear woodland birds making their usual sounds. No further action was taken.

The Valley Road resident called police later the same day to report the rooster, which lives on Brewster Road, was making noise. Police went to the address and spoke with the homeowner who said she has roosters as pets. She said they are in a sound-insulated coop at night. Police saw several roosters which all appeared quiet and docile. No further action was taken. 

Police responded Sept. 2 on a report of a rabid raccoon in a storm drain at Clarence and Sprague roads. Police saw the raccoon, which did not appear rabid. A second caller on the same day reported the same raccoon; police saw the animal but said it wasn’t sick. A caller on Sept. 3 reported the raccoon. On arrival, police saw it was dead. The highway department removed it.

A caller reported roosters making noise on Brewster Road Sept. 3. Police looked for the birds, but didn’t find them. A Brewster Road resident called police again Sept. 6 to report roosters were making noise. Police saw the roosters and thought they were loud. Their owner was advised their noise is in violation of a village code. The owner fed the birds and they quieted down.

The Brewster Road caller again notified police Sept. 7 that the roosters were making a ruckus. The rooster’s owner told police she placed special collars around their necks to prohibit them from cock-a-doodling. Police heard them crowing but didn’t think the noise was excessive.

A Copper Beech Lane resident called police Sept. 6 about an unruly cat that keeps coming on to his property. He said it’s a problem because he and his wife are allergic. Police attempted to contact the cat’s owner, but he wasn’t home.

Teen angst

Dispatch responded to a hang-up 911 call from Tory Place Sept. 3. They spoke with a woman who said she took her teenage daughter’s phone away from her and the girl retaliated by calling the police.

Identity theft

A Fenimore Road woman reported Sept. 3 her credit agency notified her that someone attempted to take out a small business loan using her name and personal information. While the loan was approved, the woman isn’t out any money. She notified her banks and credit agencies of the fraud.

Political signs missing

A Black Birch Lane caller Sept. 1 reported his political signs were missing from various locations around the community. He asked that the incidents be documented; no further action was requested. 

Mom’s meds

A Colvin Road resident called police Sept. 2 after she argued with her adult daughter over the taking of medicine. The woman said the medicine nauseates her. Police negotiated a compromise; the woman said she would take her meds in the morning and the daughter said she’d leave her mother alone for the night.

Abandoned car

A school employee reported Sept. 3 a gray 2004 Hyundai with New York plates was parked in the Weaver Street lot for two days. Police tried to contact the owner with negative results. The caller was advised to contact a tow company to remove the car.


Three people stuck in a stalled elevator on the second floor at the Park & Ride at Freightway garage Sept. 1 were safely released by fire personnel who shut down the power and then used a drop key to hoist open the door.

A man who reported Sept. 2 his Broadmoor Road house smelled like gas later said he accidentally left the knob of the stove on with no flame, resulting in a strong gas odor. Firefighters turned the gas valve to a closed position. No further action was required.

Firefighters responded Sept. 6 to Spencer Place for a report of smoke in the building. Light smoke was seen coming from Bronx River Books and a rear common hallway. Forced entry was made through 35 Spencer Place, which was vacant, and the Scarsdale Improvement Corp. provided access to sidewalk hatches located on Spencer and Christie places. An overheated motor for the air handling unit on the roof was determined to be the problem; power was shut down to the unit and the building ventilated. A report was made regarding damage to doors and doorframes.

A caregiver Sept. 6 reported accidentally being locked out of the residence on Sheldrake Road where the caregiver assists the elderly resident. Fire personnel gained access without causing damage. The resident was checked and determined to be fine after the incident.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Aug. 31 to Sept. 7, was compiled from official information.

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